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Closed Circuit

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July 2020 Do what is right. Do wh​at is safe.

  • A safe return is the only return

  • Listen-In features personal stories of COVID-19

  • SN prepares for potential sequestration

  • Lingle upgrades mitigate wildlife issues

  • LeBeau honored as a top woman in energy

  • Application cleanup enhances manageability

  • The model with the interesting name

  • Beat the heat stress

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

June 2020 Closed Circuit: Ch​ange is opportunity

  • Bug flow experiment supports the Colorado

  • President's office recognizes employees

  • Building UGP's biological risk assessment

  • Virtual meetings provide real connection

  • Demonstrating resilience in the “new normal"

  • Contract manager reaches 40 years of service

  • Reflecting on rolling it back

  • Keep your home office ergonomic

  • Brief Transmissions​

May 2020 Closed Circuit: The Power of Resilience

  • Reflecting on these challenging times

  • WAPA rescues synchrophasor data

  • Mead work continues amid COVID

  • Auditing compliance virtually is a WAPA win

  • Inclusion and diversity, in that order

  • Finding success while working remotely

  • It’s so dark: exploring the Dark Web

  • Staying safe at home

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

April 2020 Closed Circuit: Students Of Business

  • Three little words

  • North Fork-to-Rifle structure repair underway

  • Inaugural ICG participants selected

  • Phase One of EMMO job task analysis complete

  • Archaeologists hit the pottery lottery

  • Students get hands-on experience at EPTC

  • Keep your distance, keep your health

  • Harnessing data to manage risk

  • 2020 regional Science Bowls announce winners

  • How would you fare in the National Science Bowl?

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

2020 State of WAPA’s Assets

  • Letter from the Administrator and CEO

  • State of Operations

  • State of the Regions

  • Summarizing 2019 hydrology conditions

Fall 2019 Customer Circuit: Partnerships create connected communities

  • Customers weigh in on challenges, opportunities of fiber optic partnerships

  • WAPA continues moving into energy imbalance markets

  • Employees respond to weekend outage

  • Substation replacement supports South Dakota

  • WAPA participates in nine-day Grand Canyon trip

  • Taking to skies saves maintenance dollars

  • Misadventure becomes river-safety reminder

Summer 2019: Asset Management: Connecting data to decisions (PDF 5 MB)

  •  Letter from the Vice President of Asset Management

  • Spreading Asset Management message throughout WAPA, beyond

  • Turning data into strategic assets

  • Streamlined transformer acquisition process moves closer

  • Regions’ needs guide Asset Management’s evolution

  • Asset Management expands value through synergy

Spring 2019: Positioning WAPA for the connected future (PDF 4 MB)

  • Markets workshop brings customers together to discuss future

  • Congressional testimony highlights WAPA’s accomplishments, priorities

  • WAPA creates program to grow next generation of leaders

  • Customers get affordable power through crediting

  • EPTC springs forward with new classes, new logo

Winter 2019: State of WAPA's Assets (PDF 10 MB)

  • Administrator's letter

  • State of Operations, WAPA-wide and in the regions

  • Hydrology conditions

  • Grid resilience

  • Transformer acquisition

  • Reserve Balance Strategy

Fall 2018: Year in review–Adapting to change, moving forward (PDF 5 MB)

Summer 2018: Operations–Reliable, responsive, resilient! (PDF 5.6 MB )

  • Letter from the Chief Financial Officer

  • Technology and Security Symposium for customers

  • Lifecycle management protects assets

  • Black start preparation

  • Increasing grid resiliency

  • CRSP MC customer meeting

Spring 2018: Technology enhances operations (PDF 3.7 MB)

  • Letter from the Chief Information Officer

  • FY2019 budget

  • FITARA benefits business

  • WAPA Core Values: Seek. Share. Partner.

  • Automation streamlines vendor payments

  • Administrator's outreach bridges WAPA, customers 

Winter 2018: State of WAPA's Assets (PDF 4.8 MB)

  • Administrator's letter

  • State of Operations, WAPA-wide and in the Regions

  • Hydrology Report

  • Resilience through security

  • Balances in asset investments, risks

  • Financial planning answers

Autumn 2017: Delivering value - 40 years of evolving services​ (PDF 4 MB)

  • Letter from the Chief Public Affairs Officer

  • 40 years of valuable services

  • Public forums held about SPP membership for CRSP, LAP

  • Marketing Hoover Dam power to more customers

  • Process improvement reaches $50M milestone

  • Responding to power recovery needs in U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

  • How WAPA delivers valuable services to communities like: NTUA; Valley City, ND; and Needles, CA 

Summer 2017: Investment and Planning​ (PDF 2 MB)Letter from the CFO

  • Understanding budget vs. rates and repayment

  • Technology for managing outages

  • Asset management supports capital projects

  • Budgeting for the future​​

Spring 2017: Technological forefront of energy frontier (PDF 4 MB)

  • Letter from the CIO

  • Across the industry

  • Technology performance

  • Powerful partnerships for 40 years

Winter 2017: State of WAPA's Assets (PDF 5.5 MB)

  • Administrator's letter

  • Operations at Headquarters and the Regions

  • Hydrology Report

  • Asset Management 2.0

  • Cost containment and planning for industry change

Fall 2016: Year in Review (PDF 900 KB)

Summer 2016: Planning financial future ​(PDF 4.47 MB)

Spring 2016: From the Top​ (PDF, 11.6 MB)

Winter 2016: State of Western's Assets (PDF, 4.48 MB)

December 2015​ (PDF, 5 MB)

November 2015 (PDF, 4 MB)

October 2015 (PDF, 4 MB)​

​September 2015 (PDF, 7 MB)

August 2015 (PDF, 7.25 MB)​




July 2020 Do what is right. Do what is safe

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