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  • Experiment takes aim at smallmouth bass

  • RM manager shares 30-year journey to WAPA

  • CFO, KM team up to improve knowledge

  • Third CLDP cohort underway

  • Human Performance enhances safety culture

  • Opening our eyes to DEI

  • Listen up: Protect your hearing

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

August 2021 Exceptional Circumstances

  • Drought conditions may complicate hydropower

  • WAPA attorney joins EBA Board of Directors

  • Exceptional employees honored

  • Get to know WAPA’s CAO

  • Welcome WAPA’s new badging stations

  • Be part of WAPA’s safety progress

  • AEM updates employees on major initiatives

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

July 2021 Onward and Upward

  • WAPA’s sUAS pilot program lifts off

  • Crop duster strikes Arizona T-line

  • Civil engineer wins Emerging Leader Award

  • Graduates reflect on DOE leadership program

  • Firenado restoration and rebuild

  • Rewire your writing: tips to craft impactful pieces

  • Explore Safety’s electronic toolbox

  • Host video conferences safely

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

June 2021 Innovating and Enhancing

  • Spring Disturbance Flow charts new highs, lows

  • Get to know WAPA's COO

  • OSEM, Strategy partner for security culture

  • Pilot automates transformer data transfer

  • Face to face with Inclusion and Diversity

  • Employees learn history of Buffalo Soldiers

  • Safety Incentive Program: Are you missing out?

  • Rapid Recaps

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May 2021 Enduring, Adapting, Succeeding

  • Winter energy shortage tests grid limits

  • SN, Trinity partner for wildfire prevention

  • Science Bowls continue through pandemic

  • How would you fare in the National Science Bowl?

  • COVID-19 variants pose additional risk

  • Procurement, craft team up to acquire vehicle

  • Career, interviewing courses available

  • Evaluate your home for Electrical Safety Month

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

April 2021 A Year Without Precedent

  • Farewell from Mark A. Gabriel

  • Get to know WAPA’s interim administrator

  • One year later...

  • Employees reflect on a year without precedent

  • Long hauler discusses one full year of COVID

  • WAPA publishes masking policy

  • Individual evolution is imperative

  • Drive safely in the springtime

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

March 2021 Making Connections

  • In-house skills save millions on FIMS upgrades

  • Years in the making, WEIS goes live

  • CLDP opens to new applicants

  • Refresh yourself on WAPA’s branding

  • Employees recognized for accomplishments

  • Feedback shapes LDP offerings

  • AEM kicks off 2021

  • Practice safe spring cleaning

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

February 20​21 Mission f​ocused

  • WAPA debuts updated mission, vision statements

  • Statement on Race and Social Justice released

  • WAPA, union leaders issue COVID-19 pledges

  • Resilience lessons from Joshua, the monarch, Andy

  • Summarizing 2020 hydrology conditions

  • Keeping badges up to date is critical

  • Virtual conferencing can bring international risk

  • Take this to heart for your overall health

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

January 2021 Maintaining balance

  • Maintaining balance in trying times

  • I2T Summit goes virtual

  • And the winners are…

  • Women in Energy Conference looks forward

  • Dispatcher recognized with Leadership Award

  • WAPA strategy maximizes value of data

  • TAP updates guide WAPA's strategic focus

  • Keeping WAPA safe in 2021

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December 2020 Powering through adversity

  • ESF-12 mobilizes after Hurricane Laura

  • Vegetation management protects lines

  • IT Service Portal celebrates one year

  • Wood pole structures: the backbones of WAPA

  • 2020's final AEM spotlights accomplishments

  • WAPA reports Q4 results

  • Top 10 stories of 2020

  • Stay safe from carbon monoxide

  • Brief Transmissions​​

November 2020 Always Prepared

  • New capability shields grid from solar storms

  • DSW, CRSP MC explore combined rate

  • Vegetation Management benefits Navajo

  • RM pilot project meets generation swings

  • CPI program saves, avoids $113 million in costs

  • Microsoft Teams is upon us

  • Hosting engaging meetings in a virtual world

  • Decorate safely this holiday season

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

October 2020 Enhancing technology

  • Heating up the demand

  • Virtual town hall keeps employees informed

  • What you should know about Modern Workplace

  • FID Renovation streamlines data management

  • Employees show off masks for photo contest

  • Another invisible enemy lurks

  • Reimagining the Innovation Challenge

  • Serve up fire safety in the kitchen

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

September 2020 Innova​ting and improving

  • SCADA vendor project reaches milestone

  • Automating process reduces errors

  • Biological strategy benefits species of concern

  • Employees intervene in active shooter situation

  • Initiative seeks to improve balance

  • I2T goes virtual

  • Drive safely during the pandemic

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

August 2020​ Dem​onstrating Leadership

  • WAPA-hosted event team wins Science Bowl

  • Exceptional employees honored

  • Engineer recognized as emerging leader

  • Building a Leadership Development Program

  • DOE leadership program chooses participants

  • Fiber optics feasibility assessment published

  • Making great Knowledge Management videos

  • Stay mentally safe during the pandemic

  • Brief Transmissions

July 2020 Do what is right. Do wh​at is safe.

  • A safe return is the only return

  • Listen-In features personal stories of COVID-19

  • SN prepares for potential sequestration

  • Lingle upgrades mitigate wildlife issues

  • LeBeau honored as a top woman in energy

  • Application cleanup enhances manageability

  • The model with the interesting name

  • Beat the heat stress

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions​

June 2020 Closed Circuit: Ch​ange is opportunity

  • Bug flow experiment supports the Colorado

  • President's office recognizes employees

  • Building UGP's biological risk assessment

  • Virtual meetings provide real connection

  • Demonstrating resilience in the “new normal"

  • Contract manager reaches 40 years of service

  • Reflecting on rolling it back

  • Keep your home office ergonomic

  • Brief Transmissions​

May 2020 Closed Circuit: The Power of Resilience

  • Reflecting on these challenging times

  • WAPA rescues synchrophasor data

  • Mead work continues amid COVID

  • Auditing compliance virtually is a WAPA win

  • Inclusion and diversity, in that order

  • Finding success while working remotely

  • It’s so dark: exploring the Dark Web

  • Staying safe at home

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

April 2020 Closed Circuit: Students Of Business

  • Three little words

  • North Fork-to-Rifle structure repair underway

  • Inaugural ICG participants selected

  • Phase One of EMMO job task analysis complete

  • Archaeologists hit the pottery lottery

  • Students get hands-on experience at EPTC

  • Keep your distance, keep your health

  • Harnessing data to manage risk

  • 2020 regional Science Bowls announce winners

  • How would you fare in the National Science Bowl?

  • Rapid Recaps

  • Brief Transmissions

 State of the Assets

​​​​2021 State o​f WAPA’s Assets

  • Letter from the Administrator and CEO

  • State of Operations

  • State of the Regions

  • Summarizing 2020 hydrology conditions​

2020 State of WAPA’s Assets

  • Letter from the Administrator and CEO

  • State of Operations

  • State of the Regions

  • Summarizing 2019 hydrology conditions​

Fall 2019 Customer Circuit: Partnerships create connected communities
Spring 2019: Positioning WAPA for the connected future (PDF 4 MB)
Summer 2019: Asset Management: Connecting data to decisions (PDF 5 MB)
Winter 2019: State of WAPA's Assets (PDF 10 MB)
Fall 2018: Year in review–Adapting to change, moving forward (PDF 5 MB)
Spring 2018: Technology enhances operations (PDF 3.7 MB)
Summer 2018: Operations–Reliable, responsive, resilient! (PDF 5.6 MB )
Winter 2018: State of WAPA's Assets (PDF 4.8 MB)
Autumn 2017: Delivering value - 40 years of evolving services​ (PDF 4 MB)
Spring 2017: Technological forefront of energy frontier (PDF 4 MB)
Summer 2017: Investment and Planning​ (PDF 2 MB)
Winter 2017: State of WAPA's Assets (PDF 5.5 MB)
Fall 2016: Year in Review (PDF 900 KB)
Spring 2016: From the Top​ (PDF, 11.6 MB)
Summer 2016: Planning financial future ​(PDF 4.47 MB)
Winter 2016: State of Western's Assets (PDF, 4.48 MB)
September 2015 (PDF, 7 MB)
October 2015 (PDF, 4 MB)​
November 2015 (PDF, 4 MB)
December 2015​ (PDF, 5 MB)
​August 2015 (PDF, 7.25 MB)​
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