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Welcome to Western Area Power Administration's newsroom, your one-stop source for news, publications and general information about WAPA.

Here you'll find WAPA's recent news releases and featured articles. Pleas​e feel free to reprint at no charge anything you find under News from WAPA, although we ask that you credit WAPA.

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​In-house skills save millions on FIMS upgrades
News feature​
​Wood pole structures: the backbones of WAPA​​News feature
​Summarizing 2020 hydrology conditions​News feature
Additional utility joins evaluation of SPP RTO expansion to the west
​News release
​Statement on Race and Social Justice released​
News feature​
Rail Tie Wind Project draft EIS ready for review and public comment
​News release
​Keeping WAPA safe in 2021News feature​
TAP updates guides WAPA's strategic focus​
News feature​
​WAPA strategy maximizes value of data
News feature​
​Dispatcher recognized with Leadership Award
​News feature
Four more BANC members join CAISO Western EIM
​​News release​
​Women in Energy Conference looks forwardNews feature​
​I2T Summit goes virtual 
News feature​
​WAPA reports Q4 resultsNews feature​
​Top 10 stories of 2020News feature​
DOE names interim Administrator and CEO​
​News release
​Vegetation management protects linesNews feature​
​Maintaining balance in trying times
​News feature
​ESF-12 mobilizes after Hurricane Laura
​News feature
Montana schools to participate in science bowl​
​News release
2021 State of WAPA's Assets released
​News release
Northern California high schools to participate in science bowl​
​News release
Southwest Power Pool lifts energy emergency alert​
​News release
Extreme weather causing electric grid disruptions​
​News release
Extreme cold weather conditions cause energy shortage​
News release
South Dakota high schools to participate in science bowl​
​News release
WAPA's transparency site updated with FY 2020 data​
​News release
North Dakota high schools to participate in science bowl​
​News release
WAPA announces revised mission and vision​
​News release

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