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WAPA, customers discuss market strategies

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LAKEWOOD, Colorado – Today Western Area Power Administration expanded its customer engagement by hosting the second customer symposium ​“Discussion on Markets.” During the meeting, WAPA senior power marketing staff and other industry experts provided the latest updates on energy trends, market strategies and industry changes.

“We continue to survey the status of markets in the West and evaluate the potential impacts those activities could have on our operation and services to our customers,” said WAPA Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel. “It is critical we continue working closely with our customers, having meetings and hosting discussions to collaboratively explore these topics.”

With a service territory spanning 1.3 million square miles interconnecting customers across 15 states through more than 17,000 circuit miles of high-voltage transmission infrastructure, WAPA is uniquely positioned to facilitate collaborative discussions with industry experts and customers about engagement and involvement in industry activities, such as regional transmission organizations and other market initiatives.

More than 60 preference power customers gathered in Phoenix, Arizona, to hear the status of different initiatives and partnership opportunities in which WAPA is involved, including:

  • Benefits related to WAPA Upper Great Plain’s membership in the Southwest Power Pool;
  • Power delivery cost avoidance of $600,000 since February for some WAPA Sierra Nevada region customers through a Market Efficiency Enhancement Agreement with the California ISO;
  • Collaboration with neighboring utilities within WAPA Rocky Mountain region to explore a joint tariff through the Mountain West Transmission Group; and
  • Analyses of energy imbalance market alternatives in WAPA’s Desert Southwest region to address the growing need to integrate variable energy resources, like solar.

“We approach our market participation decisions on a region-by-region and case-by-case basis to ensure there is value to those who are involved,” said WAPA Power Marketing Advisor Rodney Bailey. “This meeting was another opportunity for customers from different areas to hear about the various activities being explored and contribute to the discussion.”

WAPA last hosted an all-customer discussion on markets in January 2014. By continuing the conversations, participating in regional forums and monitoring industry activities, WAPA remains well positioned to leverage energy industry trends, anticipate required changes and best represent customers interested in an ever-changing electric industry. To learn more, please visit The Source on​


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