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Second edition of Customer Circuit now available

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The Western Area Power Administration announces its second installment of the 2016 Customer Circuit quarterly series. From the Top introduces WAPA’s Washington Liaison Office and describes how policy changes and other information move from Washington, D.C., down through the larger distributed organization.

“Ours is a small shop,” explains Senior Vice President and Assistant Administrator for Corporate Liaison Michael McElhany. “In this issue, we highlight how our Washington Liaison Office, or the WLO, helps tell the story of Western, its roles in Washington, D.C., and how those roles work in the Department of Energy, with our customers, with Congress and with our own staff.”

For example, although WAPA is largely customer funded, the organization is still required to testify each spring to gain congressional authorization for its budget for the coming fiscal year. WAPA must also report to DOE, and occasionally to Congress, on achievements and specific initiatives. As an organization under DOE, it must support broader Departmental initiatives, some of the efficacies of which are summed up in the Quadrennial Energy Report. Other times, ideas that start in D.C. wind up being implemented on the ground, in the field, through WAPA’s program and regional offices. This has certainly been the case for the Renewable Energy Resource Program.

Through these examples and others, Customer Circuit: From the Top brings direct to customers and stakeholders more information regarding how WAPA works and why.

“In all, it is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to transparency,” McElhany said.

To learn more about WAPA and Customer Circuit: From the Top, visit the website or contact Western’s office of Public Affairs at 720-962-7411.

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