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Western’s 2016 State of the Assets debuts in Customer Circuit

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​FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19, 2016
CONTACT:  Kara Lamb, 720-962-7411,

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Western is pleased to announce availability of its 2016 State of the Assets report covering its work with customers and industry partners in the evolving energy industry.

“We are dedicated to expanding our transparency and continuing to evolve to meet our customer needs,” said Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel. “Our goal is to be inclusive of our customers and stakeholders in our operational choices and planning efforts. Sharing our annual State of the Assets report direct to customers aligns well with our strategy to improve information distribution.”

The 2016 State of the Assets report summarizes the current condition of Western’s operations, transmission system and related services. In it, customers will find updates on the status of each region, progress in current initiatives like cost containment and the Transmission Asset Management Program, and an overview of Western’s participation in energy markets. Since 2014, the State of the Assets has been published the first quarter of every calendar year. This year, Western incorporated it as the first issue of its revised Customer Circuit quarterly magazine, provided electronically, direct to customers and on Western’s website.

“This type of transparency demonstrates evolution in our services,” said Gabriel.  “The State of the Assets is a key communication tools. Making it available in this way enables us to share with customers and the American public Western’s progress and stewardship in maintaining and strengthening the electrical infrastructure we all share.”

To learn more about Western and its State of the Assets, please visit the website or contact Western’s office of Public Affairs at (720) 962-7411.


Cover of the Winter 2016 Customer Circuit featuring an electric tower against background of sky with embedded dollar signs.
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