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WAPA's journey to powering the energy frontier

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FY 2014 Annual Report highlights first year toward future state 

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Western Area Power Administration published its Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report today. Titled Powering the Energy Frontier, the report provides the organization’s and hydropower-generating agencies’ combined financial statements and also illustrates how the achievements and contributions over the year helped move Western toward its desired future state.

“Providing clean, renewable, reliable and affordable hydropower, transmission and related services is the heart of both WAPA’s long-standing mission and its 10-year Roadmap to Powering the Energy Frontier,” said WAPA Administrator and CEO Mark Gabriel. “We need to be prepared to implement that mission in a new energy environment and understand how our customers’ needs may evolve in response to that world.”FY 2014 Annual Report highlights first year toward future state

FY 2014 represented the first year in Western’s journey to become a leader and partner in Powering the Energy Frontier, which was first defined in WAPA’s Strategic Roadmap 2024. In the report, WAPA explains how it supports a successful and sustainable energy future in the West by:

  • Guaranteeing long-term hydropower for future decades
  • Refining asset management, capital planning and sustainable funding processes
  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Operating with new market designs
  • Strengthening cyber and physical security

“The WAPA of today is the realization of investments and progressive thinking of yesterday,” said Gabriel.  “The decisions and investments we make today, as we continue to provide reliable and affordable power to millions of Americans, will become the story our successors will champion in future decades.”

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