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WAPA joins transformer sharing program

​For immediate release: Dec. 5, 2014
Contact: Randy Wilkerson, 720-962-7050,

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Western Area Power Administration today agreed to participate in the Spare Transformer Equipment Program, an industry program that strengthens the electric sector’s ability to restore the nation’s transmission system more quickly in the event of a terrorist attack.

In signing the Spare Transformer Sharing Agreement for WAPA, Administrator and CEO Mark Gabriel said, "This agreement represents precisely the kind of cooperation required throughout our industry to ensure the resiliency and reliability of the transmission system across the nation. Although there is much more to be done, this agreement is an important step toward enhancing our country’s ability to restore the electrical transmission system and keep the lights on following a devastating attack."

WAPA joins more than 50 other utilities participating in STEP. STEP is a coordinated approach to increasing the electric power industry's inventory of spare transformers and streamlining the process of transferring those transformers to affected utilities in the event of a transmission outage caused by a terrorist attack.

Under the program, each participating electric utility is required to maintain and, if necessary, acquire a specific number of transformers. STEP requires each participating utility to sell its spare transformers to any other participating utility that suffers a "triggering event," defined as an act of terrorism that destroys or disables one or more substations and results in the declared state of emergency by the president.

 In signing the Spare Transformer Sharing Agreement for WAPA





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