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CRSP registers renewable energy certificates

For immediate release: Aug. 27, 2014
Contact: Randy Wilkerson, 720-962-7050,


LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Western Area Power Administration’s Colorado River Storage Project Management Center is instituting a renewable energy certificate program. The CRSP MC will register 11 hydropower plants, with generation totaling more than 1,833 megawatts, including Glen Canyon Dam, with the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System.

CRSP MC Manager Lynn Jeka said, "In an effort to continually meet the needs of our customers, the CRSP Management Center has decided to begin a renewable energy certificate program. This formalized program will replace our existing practice of issuing annual attestations to each customer, which was limited to stating only the amount of hydropower resources delivered each year."

WREGIS is a renewable energy tracking system that uses independent, verifiable data to track renewable energy generation from registered units within the Western Electricity Coordinating Council region. For each megawatt hour of renewable energy generated, one WREGIS REC is issued.

Registering with WREGIS gives CRSP customers greater credibility in demonstrating the amount of renewable energy in their portfolios to meet state renewable program goals. RECs will be allocated based on customers’ proportionate share of the generation for each facility in CRSP. Due to the variability of renewable portfolio standards from state to state, each customer will be responsible for determining which RECs are eligible to meet its state’s requirements.

Dan Walter, Senior Manager of Energy Markets for Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc., a CRSP and Western customer, explained the value of registered RECs, "With CRSP registering its renewable hydro-generation in WREGIS, Tri-State will have nearly all generation resources which provide RECs to its membership registered in a regional independent tracking system. This helps assure Tri-State and its member cooperatives that our RECs are properly verified and accounted for. We greatly appreciate CRSP’s decision to register with WREGIS."

The CRSP MC will open an account in WREGIS by the end of August and expects to have all generating units registered by the end of December 2014. Almost four million RECs are expected to be created annually.



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