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2022 News Features

5/10/2022Upgrade reveals value of mobile transformersIn September 2021, Rocky Mountain employees placed a mobile transformer into service at Kimball Substation in Kimball County, Nebraska.
5/6/2022Reinvigorating WAPA’s I&D ProgramWAPA has been pursuing a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture for many years.
4/28/2022Get to know WAPA’s CIOIn 2019, Michael Montoya was selected as senior vice president and chief information officer.
4/26/2022Business intelligence: Share insights, show resultsWAPA has massive repositories of data about its assets and operations.
4/12/2022Aviation manager recognized with safety awardThe Department of Energy’s Office of Aviation Management hosts an annual aviation safety award program, intended to promote safe operations and to recognize the top performers in each program.
4/6/2022UGP employee receives MRO HERO AwardIn December, Compliance Manager Mark Buchholz received the Midwest Reliability Organization’s Highly Effective Reliability Organizations Award.
4/4/2022First AEM of year spotlights changeWAPA’s first All-Employee Meeting of 2022 was held Feb. 3.
3/31/2022What to understand during WAPA’s re-entryIt’s an arduous process, moving a heavily remote workforce back into the building, and it is a move that will affect all employees, regardless of telework status.
3/24/2022Lightning strike in DSW leads to fast collaborationOn July 30, 2021, a lightning storm caused damage to Gila Substation in Yuma, Arizona, spurring not only immediate collaboration for a solution, but also a lengthy process of replacement and repair that lasted through early this year.
3/17/2022Reflecting on the benefits of mentoringIn January, Leadership Development launched the WAPA-wide Mentoring Program, welcoming 62 participants in its first cohort.
3/9/2022Summarizing 2021 hydrology conditionsOne of the biggest challenges for hydropower is water variability due to intermittent drought and flooding. By
3/7/2022Forest Service partnership prevents outagesFor the past several years, the U.S. has endured a series of devastating wildfires.
3/2/2022New tool saves time, improves inspectionsLast month WAPA launched a new tool that, according to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Howard, will “enable us to more effectively monitor the health of our transmission system and efficiently react to condition issues".
2/16/2022Strategically building our safety cultureSafety is one of WAPA’s Strategic Enablers, as identified in our Tactical Action Plan
2/14/2022WAPA at its best is...I have been in the workforce for more than 50 years. I have had a lot of jobs and a lot of employers, but I’ve never worked for an organization quite like WAPA.
2/9/2022Reflecting on LDP’s supercharged yearThe Leadership Development Program aims to cultivate learning and leadership by developing authentic leaders who embody WAPA’s core values and leadership competencies.
2/7/2022CSO shares journey to WAPAOn Nov. 21, 2021, Kerry Whitford officially joined WAPA as the organization’s chief strategy officer.
1/31/2022GridEx tests WAPA’s emergency readiness“Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Increased activity on social media by several extremist groups calls for protest, vandalism and attacks on equipment and personnel. Their goal is disruption of the power grid in the WAPA area.”
1/23/2022Top 10 stories of 2021This was another year full of unexpected challenges and developments, meaning that looking backward to choose only 10 stories to spotlight was extremely difficult.
1/18/2022ELDP graduates first cohortOn Oct. 29, the Emerging Leaders Development Program graduated its first cohort of 30 individuals.
1/12/2022Insulator storage improvement avoids costs ​A forklift hums down an aisle of the large, open warehouse in Loveland, Colorado, where staff transports the latest supply shipment to its proper storage area.
1/10/2022Removing raptor nests for reliable transmission​With big eyes and sharp talons, one might think that ospreys don’t need much protection from anything.
1/5/2022Electrical engineer receives Leadership Award​In October, Supervisory Electrical Engineer John Quintana received the Industry Leadership Award from RMEL – formerly the Rocky Mountain Electrical League – in Denver, Colorado.
1/3/2022Recovery success: Chub no longer endangeredOn Oct. 18, the Fish and Wildlife Service published the final rule to reclassify the humpback chub from endangered to threatened in the Federal Register.
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