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​The California Independent System Operator knew they had a problem; it was one they had been predicting for at least a year.


​In late July, field employees from Desert Southwest donned their masks to rebuild a breaker at Glen Canyon Substation in Arizona. 


​All WAPA employees have had to adapt to a new working environment due to COVID-19. The Inclusion, Innovation and Technology team is no exception.


​A new effort is underway at WAPA to help supervisors and managers balance staff and organization priorities. 


​When I started as a biologist in Upper Great Plains, I was challenged to develop a regionwide biological strategy, similar to that which had been created for archaeology resources. 


​Electrical Engineer Gary Zevenbergen and Information Technology Specialist Tom Howard worked together to automate and streamline the production of more than half of one of WAPA’s important safety publications, reducing one person’s time investment from 250 hours to less than 10.


​In June, WAPA selected a new vendor to provide supervisory control and data acquisition and energy management system, or SCADA/EMS, software to all of WAPA's regions.


On July 22, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Electricity and Southwestern Power Administration, WAPA published a report exploring the feasibility of leasing currently unlit fiber optic strands, also known as “dark" fiber, to the power marketing administrations' customers or third parties.


​In July, five WAPA employees were selected to participate in the Department of Energy’s Leadership Development Program, sponsored by the University of Maryland. 


​In February, WAPA launched its Leadership Development Program. 


​In late June, Electrical Engineer Jackie Brusoe received the Emerging Leader Award from RMEL – formerly the Rocky Mountain Electrical League – in Denver, Colorado. 


Every year, Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel honors standout employees with Exceptional Service Awards.

WAPA-hosted event team wins Science Bowl Preston Middle School, winner of the WAPA-hosted Colorado Regional Middle School Science Bowl, took their science acuity to the National Science Bowl on June 5 and emerged as the national middle school champions.​


For two decades, the CRSP MC Marketing office has sponsored the development of a model with an interesting name: Generation and Transmission Maximization, or the GTMax.


​The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a change of workplace for a number of WAPA employees, with many working from home to protect them from viral circulation in the office. ​


In January, construction began at Lingle Substation in Goshen County, Wyoming. 


Many of us, myself included, are anxious to get back to our routines, back to our offices and back to some sense of normalcy. 


​Like many WAPA employees, I follow social media powerline forums to remain engaged with current industry-related topics. 


​Whatever your role at WAPA, the odds are good that you work with at least a few contract employees. 


The utility industry, like the world, is rapidly changing. 


To varying degrees, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it much more difficult for WAPA employees to meet in person. 


Around two years ago, I started as a biologist in WAPA’s Upper Great Plains region.


Beginning May 1, WAPA and the Bureau of Reclamation, along with other partners, kicked off a third year of “bug flow" experiments on the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, but WAPA’s dedicated staff is not slowing down. Here is just a small glimpse into their ongoing work keeping the lights on.


In early March, WAPA's Inclusion and Diversity Committee held its Going All-In on Inclusion and Diversity training and its biannual face-to-face meeting.


During the first week in March, Reliability Compliance Management Specialist Al Slucher connected with Vice President of Reliability and Compliance Brent Sessions. ​

The ongoing pandemic has had a necessary effect on the specific ways in which WAPA accomplishes its mission, but the need for reliable, affordable hydroelectricity continues. 


In late 2019, Peak Reliability Coordinator closed its doors for good, which led some to wonder, what would happen to to Peak’s historical synchrophasor data?


It is astonishing to think how much has changed in our work and personal lives in two short months. 


As Asset Management enters its fifth year as a formal program in 2020, it continues to expand its scope and demonstrate the critical role data plays in managing risk.

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