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Work continues without interruption

​The COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, but WAPA's dedicated staff is not slowing down. Here is just a small glimpse into their ongoing work keeping the lights on.

Line crews suspended in the air on a backdrop of clouds
Line crews perform steel A-frame replacement at Tracy Substation in California.

Linemen working with a vehicle
Sierra Nevada linemen practice social distancing while working to ensure their safety.

Employees performing vegetation management in a field on trees
Field employees perform vegetation management at the Airport-to-Boyd 115-kilovolt transmission line near Centerra Mall in Loveland, Colorado.

The RVs assembled in case of sequestration
The Rocky Mountain region established an “RV park,” preparing for the potential event of sequestration.

WAPA employees pose with WAPA logo on white truck
Field Maintenance Manager Billy Weber shows off a WAPA logo identifying this vehicle as being on essential business.

Broken transmission line crossarm 
Line crews discovered this broken crossarm while on aerial patrol in Gering, Nebraska. It was immediately reported, a crew was dispatched and the crossarm was replaced without issue.​

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