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​​WAPA transitioned to new reliability coordinators for its balancing authorities and transmission operators in the Western Interconnection after more than a year of preparation and testing.


On March 26, 2016, a cascading failure of a power distribution system caused a critical power outage at the Sierra Nevada office, interrupting dispatch monitoring and control of the SN electrical grid. 


​​WAPA hosted its final customer meeting on fiber optics partnership assessment Aug. 29 at its Lakewood, Colorado, Headquarters. 


​Two recent projects—one using a helicopter and one using an unmanned aerial system, or UAS—demonstrate the advantages and value of Aviation alternatives to ground transportation.​


For Q3, WAPA is reporting 13 measures as green, meaning the target has been met. Five measures are yellow.


St​rategic assets—both tangible and intangible—are the assets an organization creates or acquires that are essential to its operation.


Andrew Triviso has a talent that not many 11-year-olds have: creating amazing works of art through Legos.​​​


​Reliability Compliance Management Specialist Al Slucher graduated from the Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy on July 15. Slucher was selected to participate in the  extremely competitive inaugural cohort of the FCRA.


In August, a WAPA fishery biologist witnessed yet another river-safety incident requiring a rescue during a research trip in Glen Canyon. 

The Brookings Substation replacement project years in the making is finally coming to a close in South Dakota. 

​​Employees across WAPA set aside the day of July 11 to attend the fourth annual Inclusion, Innovation and Technology Summit, or I2T Summit. The theme was "The Everyday Innovator."


On June 24-27, WAPA employees attended the 14th International Engineering, Safety, Maintenance and Overhead Lines conference in Columbus, Ohio.


​WAPA employees respond to a power outage in their community of Powell, Wyoming, over a June weekend.


​​A transformer is a critical link in the transmission system, the failure of which can cause big problems ranging from power outages to fire. Replacing them, moreover, is not simply a matter of calling a warehouse for an off-the-shelf part.


Sierra Nevada line crews are gearing up for the second half of a large maintenance job that uses a helicopter to replace a total of 610 insulators on 49 dead-end structures in northern California.


​A WAPA employee and a boat operator recently helped two kayakers to safety after an afternoon thunderstorm whipped up the Colorado River.


Stop Work Authority empowers any employee to stop work without fear of retaliation if they observe an action or activity they believe to be unsafe.


At its April meeting, the Inclusion and Diversity Committee invited four of WAPA’s managers and supervisors to speak about their experiences promoting inclusive environments. 


Being a WAPA employee means more than keeping the lights on. It can also mean creating strong, meaningful relationships as they work both to advance WAPA’s mission and build the foundation of true friendship. 

​WAPA held its All-Employee Meeting June 6 at Headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado. Employees throughout the organization’s 15-state footprint joined the meeting in person, over the phone and via VTC.


In May, five WAPA employees winners were awarded this year’s Rocky Mountain Eagle Awards. 


On June 4 Sierra Nevada celebrated the successful energization of the new Folsom transformer, on time and under budget.


WAPA’s annual Fall Protection Train-the-Trainer meeting was held the first week of March in Boulder City, Nevada, and at the nearby Mead Substation. 


This year, vegetation management has already saved transmission lines carrying energy across Arizona to Nevada.


WAPA, on behalf of DOE, will solicit proposals for a long-term renewable energy contract or contracts for up to 50 megawatts of energy located in the CAISO territory.


For the second quarter of the fiscal year, WAPA is reporting 15 measures as green, meaning the target has been met. Three measures are yellow, meaning they are slightly off target. 


​About 23% of employee turnover occurs within the first year of employment. WAPA's new yearlong onboarding program seeks to reduce that number.

Around 50 children between two and 14 years of age joined their parents at Headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado, for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day April 26.

​Many female leaders of WAPA did not initially seek to become frontrunners. Through learning and growing in their profession, they have found their passion to help others reach empowerment.


​On April 10, Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel announced that nine WAPA employees were selected to receive the Gears of Government Award.

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