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WAPA's actual generation was 107 percent of average in water year 2018, for a total generation of 27,308 gigawatt-hours. For the same period, total purchased power was 1,982 GWh with actual purchase power expenses of $53,834,864, which equates to $27.16 per megawatt-hour.


Years of planning and months of hard work came to fruition in the closing weeks of 2018 when the Desert Southwest region energized the Hassayampa Switching Station, a major upgrade to WAPA's relay and communication systems.


The newly formed Extended Leadership Team, or XLT, kicked off the new year by holding its first formal meeting Jan. 8-9 at the Desert Southwest office in Phoenix, Arizona.


Spectrum management—regulating the use of radio frequencies to promote efficient allocation—is critical to WAPA’s core mission.


​In October, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the razorback sucker was proposed for downlisting, the second such announcement for endangered Colorado River fish species in 2018. 


​We told a lot of stories in 2018. Check out the top 10. 


​Six storms between June 28 and July 10 damaged 10 transmission lines in North Dakota and Montana. Crews had to mobilize quickly to restore power before the next storm hit.

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