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Performance plan sets strategic measures for FY 2016

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by Jen Neville


​“How are we doing?”

It’s a simple question that opens the door for strong and vibrant discussions about how we measure what is important. For example, when looking at a financial portfolio, it is the quantifiable answers that inform investment choices. Similarly, the Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Performance Plan (pdf) outlines how we measure Western’s important programs and strategic goals. It also informs our strategic direction.

The Annual Performance Plan expands the use of calculations to quantify progress toward our Strategic Roadmap 2024 and the annual strategic targets. “These performance measures will challenge us to sustain or improve performance,” said Western’s Chief Strategy Integrator Dennis Sullivan. The 19 key performance indicators for FY 2016 will give Western stronger visibility as we continue to make headway on all strategic target areas.

“We have several programs, like Physical and Cyber Security, Safety and Transmission Reliability, that already have quantifiable goals in place, and that’s important,” said Sullivan. “Expanding our efforts to measure all strategic targets indicates our strong commitment to seeing them through.”

Building on the 2014 Tactical Action Plan, the FY 2016 Annual Performance Plan will:

  • Increase emphasis on reliability: In FY 2015, Western reduced its accountable outages by 35 percent compared to the previous year. In FY 2016, the performance plan will build on that success with two more measures for fostering a culture of compliance and sustaining event-free operations. Together these three interrelated calculations will track the reliability of our transmission system and inform performance improvements as part of the Energy Infrastructure strategic target.
  • Strive for continuous improvement: In FY 2015, Western’s Continuous Process Improvement Program identified $400,394 in cost avoidance through formal agency projects and employee-implemented solutions. In FY 2016, we anticipate pursuing excellence further by cultivating innovation, gathering baseline data for several new key performance indicators and tightening up our measurements in areas where we already perform well, such as Safety.
  • Incorporate customer, employee and other stakeholder thoughts: In FY 2015, we received baseline feedback on Western as an employer through the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. In FY 2016, we will hold ourselves accountable for listening to and acting upon these results, emphasizing our progress in employee engagement, inclusion, managerial communication and innovation. Additionally, Western is collecting feedback and data from customers and stakeholders to evaluate and improve our customer service, communication and transparency efforts.

More specifics on the measurements and the strategic targets they support are available in the full FY 2016 Annual Performance Plan, available on Western’s Strategic Planning Web page. Western will track results of the plan quarterly, except for targets that are only collected annually, like the FEVS.

Western’s Strategy office can also provide more information and answer questions related to Western’s goals and measurements, simply email your question to

Cover of the FY 2016 Annual Performance Plan
Read the FY 2016 Annual Performance Plan (pdf) with more details about the 19 key performance indicators Western will be measuring to this year.
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