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Revised strategic roadmap, tactical action plan available

​by Lisa Meiman

On Feb. 26, Western shared its revised Strategic Roadmap with employees and customers. The latest draft includes the Tactical Action Plan, which inventories those tasks and activities, existing and new, needed to fully achieve the Strategic Roadmap.

The Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Executive Team are seeking feedback on the Tactical Action Plan, or TAP, to consider before publishing the final version in May. Feedback received before April 11 would be most useful to the team.

The TAP marks the last milestone before the final Roadmap is published in May. “I want to thank everyone who has been involved in creating this Roadmap, including those who provided feedback in the early stages,” said Administrator Mark Gabriel. “By Powering the Energy Frontier, Western’s Roadmap will help us deliver on our mission; operate safely, securely and reliably; and also manage resources effectively by guiding decision making, emphasizing regional relationships, and prioritizing work around a single vision and mission.”

Strategy formed, made tactical 

Started in fall 2013, the Strategic Roadmap defines what Western will look like and what role it will play in the energy industry, with our customers, and within the federal government in 2024.

The Roadmap, one of four complementary initiatives highlighted in the 2014 State of the Assets Report, has undergone some revision since its original form in September 2013; however, the major new product released in February was the TAP. Each line item in the TAP has a corresponding description that provides details on what Western hopes to achieve. Work-scope estimates are also included for planning purposes and to provide relative comparison to other tasks.

“The Tactical Action Plan sets Westernwide priorities that are integral to the critical pathways and provides the foundation to cascade those priorities into each of our daily work activities,” said Chief Strategy Officer Theresa Williams. “This inventory should help us prioritize and effectively manage time and resources around those things that bring value to the agency and its customers.”

The TAP, organized into seven target areas, will also define and direct the creation of Western’s Strategic Targets, which identify the short-term objectives needed to fully achieve the 10-year strategic direction. The targets also connect to employees’ individual performance plans.

“I want to emphasize that Western is not changing its mission but exploring how that mission is implemented in a changing world,” said Gabriel. “We need to ensure Western continues to be able to accomplish its mission and fulfill the needs of our customers and the nation.”

Helping employees find their place

To help bring the Roadmap to life in everyday tasks, a Roadmap Communication Team is helping to educate employees about Western’s strategic direction.  The team has been working with supervisors and managers in their regions and also developing informational products designed especially for employees. These are available at an employee-only Web page and include worksheets, biweekly newsletters, presentations and a discussion board to ask questions, give feedback and communicate with other employees.

Find out more information on the Roadmap website.

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