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KPIs indicate Q1 targets on track

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​Using key performance indicators, or KPIs, Western is measuring progress toward its Fiscal Year 2014 Strategic Targets. Western uses strategic targets to categorize and organize tactical plans and provide context for near-term business decisions. Strategic Targets flow from Western Strategic Roadmap that establishes the agency’s direction for the next decade. The targets also align with the Department of Energy’s Strategic Plan. This year, Western went from 34 to 7 Strategic Targets to better focus on the most critical priorities faced by the organization.

The first-quarter Strategic Targets performance report reflects a successful start to accomplishing our business commitments for FY 2014. Specifically, four of the seven targets were rated “green,” meaning they are “on track” and three were rated “yellow,” meaning they are “on track with caution.”

The most significant accomplishment for this quarter is being on track in all four KPIs within the Safety and Security target. Administrator Mark Gabriel shared, “The safety of all employees is most important to me, and I am proud to report that Western employees performed extremely well this past quarter safeguarding their physical well-being and workplace security.”

Throughout Western’s history, strategic planning has been part of how the agency does business and is used as a tool to help align employees’ tasks and efforts with Western’s direction to achieve its mission. As applicable, performance plans include strategic target initiatives according to individual employees’ position. “This year, the seven Strategic Targets are directly incorporated into the performance management process. Managers and supervisors are working with employees to link their daily, weekly and monthly tasks and achievements to help Western meet its mission,” said Chief Strategy Officer Theresa Williams.

FY 2014 targets are based upon the same perspectives established during FY 2013 when the balanced scorecard framework guided Western to view the organization from four perspectives, which include:

  • Customer: What directly affects our customers and customer satisfaction?

  • Financial: What is important to oversight entities or stakeholders?

  • Operational and Managerial Excellence: At what processes must we excel to achieve our roadmap critical pathways and destination?

  • Organizational Capabilities: What human capital, tools/information technology systems and organizational alignment do we need to be successful?

Take a look at the chart to see how Western performed on each FY 2014 Strategic Target KPI.

If you have program questions or comments, contact Williams at or 720-962-7055.

 What are Western's FY 2014 Strategic Targets?

  • Power and Transmission related services: Protect and enhance the value of Western’s transmission and power related services.
  • Energy Infrastructure: Provide reliable power and transmission to the customer. Facilitate a more resilient and flexible energy delivery infrastructure.
  • Partnership and Innovation: Leverage technological advances and industry partnerships to advance the energy infrastructure.
  • Asset Management: Apply risk-based asset management practices to develop capital investment program needs while improving performance. Use Enterprise Risk Management principles to guide risk-based decision making.
  • Safety and Security: Every employee demonstrates, through core values and personal responsibility, a commitment to safely perform their jobs and ensure workplace security.
  • Communication: Engage internal and external stakeholders through the purposeful exchange of ideas.
  • Human Capital Management: Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and inclusive high-performing workforce.


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