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Substation construction continues at ED5, test track

​by Jen Neville

Closing out 2013, construction crews continued to make progress on various parts of the Electrical District 5 – Palo Verde Hub project.

“We’ve had some challenges this last quarter with material deliveries taking longer than expected, but we are working through it.  We are keeping a strong pace toward meeting our schedule,” said Todd Rhoades, ED5-PVH project manager.

The overall project remains on schedule and under budget by more than $3 million.

Here are recent accomplishments on the project through December 2013:

ED5 Substation construction:

  • Foundations 90% complete

  • Breakers and Instrument transformers are placed

  • Control building 99% complete

  • Cable trench placed

  • Substation steel 45% placed

  • Estimated completion: April 2014

Test Track Substation expansion:

  • Site prep work 95% complete

  • Foundations 90% complete

  • Equipment 100% on site

  • Estimated completion: Summer 2014

Transmission lines:

  • ED5-to-Thornton Road 230-kV transmission line upgrade 100% complete

  • Test Track-to-Thornton Road 230-kV transmission line 90% complete


Construction crews align the structure segment with the bolts that will connect it to its foundation. The structure is part of the Saguaro line that connects to ED5 Substation. (Photo by Ralph McCracken).

Visit Western's Flickr account for more photos of the ED5-PVH project

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