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Customer visits visually connect Desert Southwest's power system

​by Jen Neville

DSW Customer Liaison Chris Lyles took a short road trip Jan. 13-15 to meet with customers and see some of the Western infrastructure that connects to our customers’ systems, as well as federally-generated hydropower. Some of Western’s customers are generators and some are power recipients, but all make up a key component of our grid and services.  

“I know our customers have very busy schedules. So I was grateful when a few of our customers took some time to talk with me, show me their facilities and discuss the services Western provides,” said Lyles. “For example, I had the opportunity to talk with one of our generation customers that rely on Western’s transmission system to reliably deliver their electricity to a market of consumers.”

The primary purpose of the customer visits was to determine how well Western is meeting customers’ needs and address any concerns.

Hoover Dam facility and interconnection. Lattice towers are perched on the side of the river walls to pull conductor from the generation source below to the switchyard on the river bank.  (Photo by Chris Lyles)

Visit Western's Flickr account for more photos of the DSW tour.

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