Image of a graph paper notebook with calculator, pen, pencil and eraser. The words "Closed Circuit" are at the top.

By Philip Reed

​​In late July, field employees from Desert Southwest donned their masks to rebuild a breaker at Glen Canyon Substation in Arizona. 

The substation is technically a Colorado River Storage Project facility, but DSW crews perform necessary maintenance. Potential breaker issues were identified during a routine inspection and the crew made sure to address them without delay. 

“This job was identified as one that, if delayed, presented unacceptable levels of risk to system reliability,” said Vice President of Transmission System Asset Management Jack Murray. 

The crew collaborated with Operations and Maintenance subject matter experts to prioritize the work appropriately. As with all jobs during the pandemic, precautions against COVID-19 were taken. 

“I kept thinking of a line from The Lone Ranger,” said Murray. “‘Who was that masked man?’” In this case, the masked men were Foreman II Electrician Brian Brameier, High Voltage Electrician Poli Cachin, High Voltage Electrician Apprentice Lanny Pitts, High Voltage Electrician Apprentice John Johnston and Electrician Justin Hitzman.

Two masked linemen in the air

Last modified on March 5th, 2024