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Journey Level

  1. Ability to do journeyman lineman work constructing and maintaining transmission or distribution power lines and related equipment, without more than normal supervision.(Screen out)
  2. Knowledge of electrical line construction, operations, maintenance, and technical practices of a journeyman lineman.
  3. Knowledge of electrical theory and instruments and ability to do journeyman lineman troubleshooting.
  4. Ability to use electrical drawings and specifications, and to interpret instructions.
  5. Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment associated with the job of journeyman lineman.
  6. Ability to climb structures and work at heights.
  7. Ability to work safely; knowledge of safe work practices.


Replace element #1 above with:

1. Ability to lead the work of Lineman. (Screen out)

Mid-level Apprentice

  1. Ability to do the work of the position without more than normal supervision. (Screen out)
  2. Knowledge of lineman shop practices.
  3. Ability to follow directions in a shop.

Craftsman-in-Training (CIT)

To qualify for this position, you must

1) Have some knowledge of this craft


2) Meet at least one of the following requirements

  1. Completed a 4-year apprentice program in a related craft
  2. Employment as a Western journeyman in the craft occupations (i.e. in the “WB” pay plan)
  3. Hold, or have held, the journeyman level (i.e., a level achieved by at least 4 years of training) in a related craft

Examples of related craft areas include:

  • Distribution Lineman
  • Distribution Electrician
  • Military Electrician
  • Commercial/industrial electrician for a utility

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