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Basic Qualification Requirements for all grades

Membership in a state bar or District of Columbia and registered as a Patent Attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (a) plus two years of professional legal experience or (b) second professional law degree (LL.M.) from an accredited college or university, which requires one full year of graduate study and one year of professional legal experience; or the first professional law degree (LL.B. or JD) from an accredited college or university and one year professional legal experience provided the applicant's record shows superior law student work or activities as demonstrated by one of the following:

  • Academic standing in the upper third of the law school graduating class; or
  • work or achievement of significance or his/her law school's official law review; or
  • special high-level honors for academic excellence in law school in competition with other law schools; or
  • fulltime or continuous participation in a legal aid program as opposed to one-time, intermittent, or casual participation; or
  • significant summer law office clerk experience; or other equivalent evidence if clearly superior achievement.

Specialized Experience

In addition to meeting the Basic Qualification Requirements above, applicants must also possess at least one year of specialized
experience that is equivalent to the next lower grade level in or directly related to the line of work of the position. To meet this requirement you must have experience as a professional attorney in the areas of intellectual property law, technology transfer, patent prosecution and contract administration. The professional knowledge and skills must be sufficient to enable the incumbent to make decisions and recommendations that significantly interpret or affect important aspects of intellectual property, technology transfer, patent prosecution, and contract administration at multiple National Facilities and the unique contractual relationships and complex intellectual property law and policy considerations inherent in such operations.

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