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Employee testimonials

​Get the inside scoop of what it is like to work at WAPA. Hear, in their own words, from employees the many benefits WAPA has to offer.

“In 1990, I applied for a temporary GS-3 clerk position with WAPA in Golden, Colorado. I found WAPA quite a bit different then my last job in the Air Force. In the Air Force we had two CRTs for 10 of us and one actual computer for the secretary. Here, as a GS-3 I had my own computer and printer.

During my first year with WAPA, I was detailed to Procurement as an administrative assistant. This led to a GS-5, full time, administrative assistant position for the Chief of Procurement. In time, I interviewed and was hired as a personnel assistant in a GS-6 position. I was working toward a personnel specialist’s position, but ended up applying for and was hired as a GS-7, computer assistant position. I was able to take on many different challenges and opportunities.

WAPA encouraged training and I was able to improve my skills and gain confidence and experience in my job. This allowed me to venture further from my comfort zone and become a member of different organizations within WAPA.

WAPA’s emphasis on teaming, training and good citizenship to the community and charities makes me feel an important part an outstanding organization.

—Richard Richardson, IT Specialist
Lakewood, Colo.


“I love working for WAPA because it is a great way to serve my country. It has the most variety of tasks any one could imagine and it’s a great way to see lots of country. It’s an outdoorsmen’s dream to get in the back country and rough it. It is a team sport, you rely on your partner with your life.

At WAPA your voice is heard no matter what your position is. The pay is great and the equipment fits the job.

Your safety is WAPA’s No. 1 priority and WAPA is very family-friendly.”

—Dana Fairchild, Line Foreman
Armour, S.D.


I have worked in the energy industry for more than 25 years with an investor-owned utility, an energy marketing and trading company and for WAPA twice. WAPA is definitely the best place I have ever worked. I initially thought I might be going to work for a typical government bureaucracy with all the negative connotations that go along with that. But once I began my career with WAPA I was surprised to find that it is a progressive, top notch government agency that is run more like a business than a bureaucracy.

I have had many opportunities for advancement at WAPA. I believe the sky is the limit and the only thing holding you back within the organization is you. WAPA has offices across a large geographic area and, if you are willing to move, you will have even more chances for advancement. Opportunities for training and keeping current in required job skills are not limited. The only improvement that I think the organization could make is to reimburse employees for college classes.

Working for WAPA is not much different than working for any non-government entity. WAPA is not a perfect employer but I liked working here so much I came back a second time. Some might say only those who can't make it in private industry work for the government. Not true, most of WAPA's employees could/would or have been successful in private industry. Many of the people I work with are the best professionally and personally I have ever worked with anywhere. Employees are challenged to stretch themselves professionally, provide quality service and operate within good business and ethical practices.

—Chris Brown, Energy Marketing; Management Specialist
Montrose, Colo.

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