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Career development

​Western is committed to employee development and creating an environment of continuous learning across all levels of the organization. Several developmental opportunities are available, including:

Online Learning – Through the Department of Energy’s Online Learning Center, our employees have access to over​ 3,500 online courses ranging from honing office skills to developing project management skills.




Individual Development – Employees and supervisors are encouraged to review employee’s Individual Development Plans on an annual basis. IDP’s are an excellent resource to identify employee strengths and skill gaps, and to create a development plan to ensure employee growth and success.



Leadership Development – Western is committed to developing a diverse cadre of leaders. Through our competitive application process, employees may have an opportunity to participate in our formal leadership development programs.




Student Programs – Western values the contributions made by students and recent graduates. Through the Pathways Program, Western is able to promote employment opportunities for students and recent graduates. Learn more information about the Pathways Program.



Craft Development – Western has an ongoing Craft Apprenticeship program for developing new employees to become journeymen in the various trade and craft occupations needed for maintaining the power system. This program is designed to train, appraise and develop apprentices as they progress through the various stages to the fully competent journeyman level. Western maintains in-house Standards of Apprenticeship developed by Western’s Joint Craft Training Committee which have been approved by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. The Standards of Apprenticeship outline requirements needed to complete an apprenticeship and to develop employees into journeymen Linemen, Electricians, Electronic Equipment Craftsmen and Meter and Relay Craftsmen. The Apprenticeship Training program is an eight step program which takes four years to complete.​

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