What is sustainable funding?

Sustainable funding means Western maintains timely access to financing sufficient to meet our capital investment in core mission capital.

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​A WAPA-wide sustainable funding strategy is essential for successfully accomplishing WAPA’s mission. WAPA staff, in concert with preference power customers, is in the process of developing a WAPA-wide funding strategy that unites the regions’ 10-year capital investment plans.

Appropriations provide approximately 10 percent of WAPA’s total funding. The remainder is provided through a variety of funding mechanisms. Alternative financing, much of which is provided by customers, is vital to WAPA’s health and success. WAPA and customers need to be able to discuss infrastructure and funding needs in a consistent, data-driven, regionally focused and collaborative manner; creating this common foundation is the sustainable funding initiative’s main objective.


In late 2013, WAPA staff created the first WAPA-wide 10-year capital investment plan by combining the regional 10-year capital investment plans created from the asset management program and discussed with customers. The regional and WAPA-wide plans available below will provide the basis for sustainable funding strategy discussions with preference power customers.

When looking at this presentation, it is important to keep several things in mind:

  • The regional 10-year plans, and by extension the WAPA-wide plan, change frequently. WAPA intends to update the presentation periodically with the most current information.
  • This capital investment plan includes only the capital investments that are funded with revolving funds, appropriations and alternative financing. Annual and Purchase Power & Wheeling expenses, along with their accompanying funding sources, are not included.
  • The information excludes reimbursable projects funded by third parties.

WAPA-wide and regional capital plans as of Jan. 22, 2014


By mid-2014, WAPA Finance staff and the Maintenance, Design and Construction Council plan to formalize an annual standardized WAPA-wide 10-year capital planning process. Regional processes, self-determined by the region, will not be changed; however, timing and outcomes will be standardized to provide consistent information to the WAPA-wide plan.

Regions hold customer meetings annually to discuss region-specific investment needs over the next 10 years and funding strategies to meet those needs. Based on these, WAPA will establish a WAPA-wide 10-year capital plan and sustainable funding strategy that brings together regional processes and ensures WAPA’s financial stability from an agencywide perspective.

If you have questions about this initiative or about your region’s meeting, contact your regional manager or the regional financial manager.

Last modified on April 24th, 2024