​As of Dec. 18

  • Solutions should be cost based
  • Solutions that could work for all WAPA regions.
  • Beneficiaries/User should pay
  • Sound business principles
  • Maximize existing tools
  • Low cost/least cost options for solutions
  • Transparency
  • Options must comply with statutory authorities
  • Consider new tools for customers and WAPA
  • New funding sources focused on core mission
  • Minimize rate impacts


  • Reliability at least cost
  • Flexibility to access funding tools
  • Partnership in assessing investment needs
  • Customer support and concurrence
  • First right to work out funding solutions
  • Flexibility to meet system and WAPA obligations
  • Authority commensurate with funding
  • Reduce or eliminate reliance on appropriations
  • Solution applicable to generating agencies
  • Solutions must be workable, achievable and consistent with industry standards
  • Pursue partnerships in equity sharing
  • Timely — can meet multi-year plan needs
  • Governance structure for project approval
  • Agreed-upon governance
  • First priority to statutory core mission requirements
  • Meet deadlines
  • Ability to consider equity ownership or revenue stream options for each project
  • Protection from outside influence
  • Certainty that investments will be used as agreed
  • Accountability on WAPA’s use of funds
  • Ability and flexibility to procure equipment


Last modified on August 22nd, 2023