When WAPA has important information to share with the public, we print it in the Federal Register. Our Federal Register notices frequently focus on rate actions or environmental impact statements. The index to the left ​gives you access to all the notice​s we have printed since 2015. For more information, contact Public Affairs.


wdt_ID FOIA number Date received Date closed Estimated completion date Granted in part/full Documents requested and current status
1 WAPA-2013-00051-F 10/09/2012 10/15/2012 11/06/2012 Granted in full Three drawings of overview maps pertaining to the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, numbers 245-D613, Sheets 3 (245-D-586) and 10 (245-D-593). CLOSED.
2 WAPA-2013-00169-F 11/13/2012 11/21/2012 12/12/2012 Granted in full All market research conducted by DOE for GSA Ebuy 725255, issued on September 4, 2012. CLOSED.
3 WAPA-2013-00207-F 11/21/2012 11/21/2012 12/21/2012 Granted in full Western's accident investigation report regarding the Appledorn Stage 01 Subtation project. CLOSED.
4 WAPA-2013-00240-F 12/12/2012 08/05/2015 01/02/2013 Granted in full Employee names and e-mail addresses for employees in Human Resources, Equal Employment Office and the Office of General Counsel. CLOSED.
5 WAPA-2013-00418-F 01/14/2013 01/28/2013 02/14/2013 No responsive documents Data regarding the use of surety bonds on construction contracts, not for residential housing, completed directly with DOE in the last 20 years. CLOSED.
6 WAPA-2013-00419-F 01/16/2013 01/28/2013 02/16/2013 Granted in Full. Employee names, titles, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. CLOSED.
7 WAPA-2013-00446-F 01/24/2013 02/05/2013 02/26/2013 Granted in Full. Any information pertaining to the pumps and irrigation systems installed to replace the existing irrigation systems before the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. CLOSED
8 WAPA-2013-00486-F 02/04/2013 02/20/2013 03/05/2013 Granted in Full. All contracts or agreements, including sub-contracts or sub-agreements between DOE and third-party vendors providing security for all computer networks. CLOSED.
9 WAPA-2013-00746-F 03/20/2013 03/27/2013 04/17/2013 Granted in full Documents for two Pixley wells: PX-1-09 and PX-2-09, located in the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge Wetlands. CLOSED.
10 WAPA-2013-00791-F 03/22/2013 N/A Contractor payroll records for the California Elverta Facility project. No response to fee related correspondence. CLOSED.
FOIA number Date received Date closed Estimated completion date Granted in part/full Documents requested and current status

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