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​Story by Philip Reed

​The Desert Southwest region was recently presented with a special gift: a full-size Lego recreation of the Department of Energy logo.

The gift was from 11-year-old Andrew Triviso, nephew of Vice President of IT – Operations and Maintenance Ed Sanchez. Triviso traveled from his home in California to Phoenix, Arizona, to deliver his creation in person to grateful members of the DSW staff.

​He was welcomed by Senior Vice President and Acting DSW Regional Manager Tracey LeBeau and Senior Vice President Ron Moulton. His mother, father, brother, aunt and uncle joined him for the trip.

“I am happy everyone gave me such a nice, warm welcome,” said Triviso. “I liked that they had a poster with my name, saying that I was going to present my Lego creation.”

The Lego logo was a project Triviso completed as part of his participation in the Engineering Legos activity in his local 4-H chapter.

“4-H is a national program that encourages kids to learn to be leaders and serve their community,” Triviso explained during his remarks. “4-H also encourages kids to use their head, hands and heart for the service of the community. This is my sixth year in 4-H.”

He said that the finished Lego project was made of around 4,500 Lego pieces sourced from around the world, and that it took him two months to complete it.

“This experience has helped me learn about different energy sources as well as the technology that is used in solar fields,” Triviso continued. “I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to visit a solar field in Imperial County and get a very detailed explanation of how that technology works. To my surprise, it is light, not necessarily heat, that creates the energy. I can say that learning about energy technologies has made me even more interested in NASA and space exploration and how energy can be used in space.”

He said Lego projects such as these are so appealing to him because he enjoys being creative and that the process relaxes him.

“I hope that when kids see this emblem made with Legos, they will think about doing something for their community and be open to using their talents, imagination and creativity,” he said.

“Andrew is a phenomenal young man, a gifted Lego artist and an eloquent speaker,” said Moulton. “On behalf of WAPA and DSW, both Tracey and I were much honored to receive his gift, which is now prominently and proudly displayed in the DSW main lobby. He has interests in energy and space, and our Administrative Officer Len Mathieu has offered to make contact with NASA on his behalf, through his daughter at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”

“It was a wonderful experience for the entire family,” his mother Rosemary said. “Everyone was so supportive of Andrew and his creation.”

“The facility was nice,” Triviso said. “I want to thank WAPA for allowing me to present the Lego emblem in person.”

“As parents we are thankful to WAPA and the staff for allowing Andrew to present and encouraging his 4-H journey in learning about community service, Engineering with Legos and public speaking,” Rosemary concluded. “It was a wonderful experience.”

The logo currently hangs in a place of honor and will be appreciated for years to come.

Note: Reed is a public affairs specialist.

Andrew Triviso (center in green jacket) presented the Desert Southwest

region with a Lego re-creation of the Department of Energy seal. (Photo

by Scott Lund)

Andrew Triviso (center in green jacket) presented the Desert Southwest

region with a Lego re-creation of the Department of Energy seal. (Photo

by Scott Lund)

Last modified on March 7th, 2024