Closed Circuit

​By Philip Reed​​

In July, five WAPA employees were selected to participate in the Department of Energy’s Leadership Development Program, sponsored by the University of Maryland.

The eight-month program is a career-development opportunity designed for new and existing leaders. It focuses on strategic alignment across all leadership levels to drive transparency and accountability throughout the DOE. During the program, participants will develop critical leadership skills and improve their leadership competency proficiencies.

Closed Circuit reached out to the selected employees for their thoughts on the opportunity.

Human Resources Specialist ALLISON BURNETT

I am excited to have been chosen to participate in the DOE Leadership Development program! I am always looking for ways to learn and grow both within my organization and within the DOE. I am hoping to learn more about what being a leader means within DOE and within myself. I am looking forward to expanding my communication and collaboration across the organization and meeting new people.

Information Technology Web Architect VITALIY DEMCHUK

I would like to have a meaningful career in the federal government, and I hope the program will enhance my leadership skills and help me with my career goals. I also hope the program will give me a clear insight into what effective leadership is all about and how to practice impactful leadership on a daily basis. I look forward to meeting people in person and learning from them.

Information Technology Specialist CORINNA GONZALEZ

My personal goal for the program is to gain leadership knowledge from the instructors. I hope to acquire guidance on leading people through positive changes while also building a stronger team. My objectives are to gain skills and knowledge to build upon my leadership capability on the WAPA network engineer team. My long-term goal is to lead positive change within WAPA as an IT manager and senior leader. I look forward to meeting the other training partici­pants who are already in management roles and gathering their personal insights and experiences about leadership.

Human Resources Specialist COURTNI HIVELY

I have chosen to apply for this program because of its exceptional reputation. I also like the fact that this program uses multiple avenues of approach that reinforce learning and strengthen the commitment of future leaders. I hope this program gives me a new perspective on how to develop relationships with leaders on a higher level and strengthen my business acumen. Overall, I want to walk away from this program as a better me, with stronger leadership and problem-solving skills. I look forward to collaborating with other DOE professionals and gaining a wealth of knowledge from my cohorts.

Safety and Occupational Health Manager KRYSTALL VALENCIA

It is important to have effective communication skills and be a discerning listener. As our core value says, “Listen to understand, speak with purpose.” I applied for this program because it is an opportunity for continued growth in skills, knowledge and competencies which are indispensable for a successful leader. I am honored to be selected and am looking forward to the development events, action-learning projects and team coaching.

Last modified on March 5th, 2024