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LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Western Area Power Administration has published Protecting Assets in a World of Change, its fiscal year 2019 asset management almanac. 

The document showcases the Asset Management program’s growing role in providing the critical data needed for effective decisions that support grid reliability and resilience. Its data-driven insights on WAPA’s transmission system and other operational assets support informed and strategic decision making on budget development, capital plans, financial forecasting, maintenance practices, system resilience, reliability, safety and security.

“Our 700 customers rely on WAPA’s wise management of its assets to maintain our more than 17,000 circuit-mile transmission system,” said Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel. “Our Asset Management program provides the data we need to make intelligent investment decisions and ensures safe and secure grid operations in delivering power to rural households across the West.”

The document’s title captures the importance of Asset Management’s role in anticipating the needs of tomorrow in the rapidly evolving industry while effectively tackling today’s challenges. The almanac provides information on WAPA’s assets, performance data and trends over the past fiscal year and includes four new asset classes: current transformers, coupling capacitor voltage transformers, station batteries and network equipment.

The FY19 almanac also includes information on:

• The program’s goals and objectives.

• WAPA assets at a glance broken down by region and network equipment.

• Asset condition data on transmission lines, transformers and circuit breakers.

• Ten-year asset investment projection and health and risk projection.

• Reliability-centered maintenance.

• Data communication and validation.

WAPA’s Asset Management program collaborates closely with regional maintenance crews to track and analyze the health of a wide range of equipment vital to the operation of WAPA’s 15-state transmission stytem. The report captures the valuable knowledge of field crews and converts that knowledge into quantifiable data that can be used to inform business and maintenance decisions.

Download now to learn how the Asset Management program collects, analyzes and reports data about WAPA’s critical equipment and systems to provide the organization with a comprehensive picture of asset condition and potential risk.


About WAPA: Western Area Power Administration annually markets and transmits more than 28,000 gigawatt-hours of clean, renewable power from 57 federal hydroelectric powerplants owned and operated by the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and International Boundary and Water Commission in 15 western and central states. It is part of the Department of Energy. Follow us on Twitter @WesternAreaPowr or visit the website at www.wapa.gov.

Last modified on September 12th, 2023