​We are also committed to limiting increases in annual operating expenses to keep our rates and our customers’ rates competitive. To do this, we are committed to continued management of our costs. We will ensure that we have adequate financial resources to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We will leverage our business systems to improve productivity and delivery of products and services. We will control our costs, and thus, our rates.

Consequently, we establish rate targets for each project to assure our rates remain competitive and to establish specific annual cost management goals. We will measure actual rates relative to rate targets.


Our vision is to be the premier power marketing and transmission organization. Accomplishing this goal will require significant resources, talent, time, and sound business decisions. Yet, we know we can meet these challenges by working closely with our customers, suppliers, neighboring systems and others in the industry.

In this era of rapid deregulation and change, we know that keeping our rates competitive and providing superior service to our customers are the keys to our future.


In general terms, the steps below describe how Western develops rates. Specific circumstances, however, may call for modifications. The steps include:

  • Annual power repayment study run to determine revenue needed.
  • Detailed cost studies and proposed rate design completed.
  • Informal meeting to discuss initial rate proposal.
  • Federal Register notice announcing a rate process
  • Formal public information forum held to explain proposed rate; comments requested.
  • Formal public comment forum held.
  • Public comments reviewed and considered.
  • Final rate reviewed and proposed by Western’s administrator.
  • Proposed rate placed in effect on an interim basis by deputy energy secretary.
  • Final proposal submitted to FERC for confirmation

Last modified on July 7th, 2023