​Demonstrate that we respect and value our customers by “always doing it right.”


The relationship with our customers is of utmost importance. Our future depends upon maintaining the strong bond we have with them and the value of the services we provide. Each of us in the MC is dedicated to this philosophy We strongly believe that by practicing the following strategies we will strengthen relationships with our customers and deliver the best possible customer service.

  • Provide professional service by responding with timely, accurate information that meets our customers’ needs, deadlines, and concerns.
  • Communicate effectively with our customers by promoting an open and comfortable dialogue.
  • Be an advocate for our customers by understanding their business, their competition, and the industry
  • The following activities and services will support these strategies.


The MC is committed to a continuous dialogue with each customer for providing and gathering information, building relationships, and developing a better understanding of each customer’s needs. The MC will employ the most up-to-date communication methods available to enhance our customer service.

The MC will work closely with other WAPA offices responsible for SLCA Integrated Projects contracts to ensure effective communication takes place with all customers. To accomplish this, the MC will hold customer meetings, both regionally and locally, to share information on timely and valuable topics, and its Customer Service Representatives and other staff, as appropriate, will regularly visit each customer at its place of business.

The MC will conduct an initial survey of its customers to assess their relationship with WAPA. The initial survey will also gather information that will be used to enhance our customer services, programs, and products as well as identify other customer needs. Additional surveys will be conducted periodically to evaluate progress toward meeting our goals.

The MC staff will be available to customers to answer questions, provide information, and assist in whatever manner possible to provide a service that is of the greatest value to each customer.


The MC will make continuous efforts to improve the timeliness and quality of the coordination within WAPA and among other Federal agencies as well as with our customers for the purposes of sharing and reconciling financial, budgetary, rate and resource analyses, reports, and other information.


In consultation with our power customers, the MC will consider expanding its electrical energy product line.

Recently, the MC prepared an amendment to its long-term firm power contracts separating the firming purchase costs from the firm power rate. With this amendment, MC customers will receive a guaranteed amount of long-term firm “sustainable” hydropower and may choose how additional amounts of power will be delivered.

Additionally, the MC will consider developing a product line of new and existing products and services, which will be tailored to the individual customer’s needs. These new products and services will be developed by the MC in coordination with customers and with consideration of the significant changes occurring within the electrical energy marketplace.

Generally these products and services can be categorized as (1) generation-related products, (2) transmission services, (3) marketing services, (4) energy management services, (5) nonelectrical services, and (6) other professional services.


We will review submitted IRPs promptly and meet or exceed all deadlines established in the Energy Planning and Management Program. Timely correspondence will keep customers informed of any and all IRP deadlines and criteria. Customer Service Representatives will respond quickly to answer any questions and to provide assistance requested by our customers.

To assist our customers in keeping up with the industry and competition, the MC will provide customer training workshops and technical assistance, and loan state of the art infrared scanning and analytical equipment.


Customer Service Representatives will develop, negotiate, write, and administer contracts and agreements tailored to individual customer’s needs while adhering to policy and regulations. We will continue to maintain an open and creative attitude in developing contracts. Extra effort will be made to ensure the accuracy, clarity, consistency, and completeness of all contracts and correspondence.

Last modified on August 24th, 2023