WAPA proactively addresses system reliability and contingency planning. Delivering on our mission of marketing federal hydropower throughout 15 states requires us to continually study and analyze operations​. We partner with our customers and neighboring utilities with the goal of improving situational awareness for transmission operators and reliability coordinators, so they are prepared for a worst-case scenario in real-time conditions.

Learn more about our ongoing reliability efforts:

  • Real-Time Engineer Fact Sheet
  • Reliability: Studying, coordinating operations both in advance and real-time​, April 2017
  • MRO issues final compliance report for WAPA​, April 2017
  • NERC/WECC Reliability Assurance Project of the Western Interconnection report, December 2016
  • RM impresses compliance auditors, September 2015
  • Real-time contingency analysis to improve grid awareness, September 2015
  • Reduce risk, increase reliability​, August 2015
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Last modified on April 24th, 2024