​WAPA’s Government Purchase Card (GPC) program is a vital acquisition tool to successfully accomplish our core mission 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program was established to enable the administration to purchase specific items allowing for daily general business operations to be conducted without interruption.  In recent years, there were discrepancies uncovered with the GPC program and WAPA initiated a request for an internal audit.

The internal audits uncovered proc​edural non-compliance in the WAPA-wide GPC program, mostly documentation weaknesses, however, there were a limited number of incidents of misuse. WAPA recognized the seriousness of the issues identified and turned them over to the Department of Energy Office of Inspector General. To date, several individuals have received administrative discipline, including some departures. Recently, one employee was indicted on felony charges by the U.S. Attorney.

As a result of the audit, WAPA instituted a corrective action plan reinforcing management oversight and internal controls including: updating GPC policy and procedures; launching additional training to cardholders; implementing new tools for management and tracking of purchases; and revising roles and responsibilities of employees to ensure that every dollar spent is appropriate and creates value for our customers.

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Last modified on August 24th, 2023