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Western Area Power Administration's Renewable Resources program encourages the voluntary use of renewable resources by WAPA's wholesale customers. WAPA offers federal customers two renewable resource products and facilitates customer access to renewable energy developers. The goal of the program is to identify customers who desire renewable resources in their generation mix and provide the technical and marketing assistance required for them to fully evaluate the option.

2020 Tribal Energy Webinar Series announced

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs is sponsoring the 2020 Tribal Energy Webinar Series with the theme of “How to…” Intended for tribal leaders, tribal staff and others interested in energy development in Indian Country, the monthly webinars focus on how to accomplish specific tasks related to energy development on tribal lands. Presenters will provide instruction emphasizing processes, tools and resources rather than the specific details of a particular project. The webinars are offered at no cost, with most webinars scheduled at 11 a.m. Mountain Time on the last Wednesday of each month, beginning in February and concluding in December. 

Past Tribal Energy Webinar series available online

Visit the DOE Office of Indian Energy website to download recordings and presentations from past Tribal Energy Webinar series:

  • 2018 Tribal Sovereignty and Self-Determination through Community Energy Development Webinar Series
  • 2017 Expanding Tribal Energy Development through Partnerships Webinar Series
  • 2016 Tribal Energy and Economic Development Webinar Series

The popular series explores the challenges and opportunities related to developing energy-efficiency, renewable energy and other resource projects on tribal lands.

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