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Federal register notices

When WAPA has important information to share with the public, we print it in the Federal Register. Our Federal Register notices frequently focus on rate actions or environmental impact statements. The index to the left ​gives you access to all the notice​s we have printed since 2015. For more information, contact Public Affairs. 

4/28/2023Recommendation for WAPA’s Rocky Mountain Region and Colorado River Storage Project Management Center To Pursue Final Negotiations Regarding SPP Regional Transmission Organization membership, and for the Upper Great Plains Region To Expand Participation88 FR 26298
4/18/2023Boulder Canyon Project88 FR 23669
3/24/2023Olmsted Powerplant Replacement Project-Rate Order No. WAPA-20588 FR 17837
3/17/2023Notice of Final 2025 Olmsted Power Marketing Plan88 FR 16970
3/17/2023 Notice of Final 2025 Provo River Project Marketing Plan and Call for 2025 Resource Pool Applications88 FR 16433
3/14/2023Desert Southwest Region Ancillary Services-Rate Order No. WAPA-20888 FR 15710
1/8/2023Desert Southwest Region Ancillary Services-Rate Order No. WAPA-20888 FR 1220
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