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2017 Federal register notices

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Notice of order concerning firm power, firm peaking power, and sale of surplus product formula rates.12/6/201782-FR-57734
Notice of order concerning firm electric service and sale of surplus products formula rates for Loveland Area Projects.12/6/201782-FR-57734
Notice of Proposed Power Formula Rate for the Olmsted Project.10/12/201782-FR-47506
Notice of Final 2018 Olmsted Power Marketing Plan and Call for Applications. 10/11/201782-FR-47201
Office of General Counsel; Agency Information Collection Extension for Office of Management and Budget review; request for comments.10/3/201782-FR-46045
Notice of the final 2025 Power Marketing Plan for the Sierra Nevada region.8/15/201782-FR-38675
Notice of Proposed Firm Power Service and Sale of Surplus Products Rates for Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin. 7/3/201782-FR-30858
Notice of proposed firm electric service for Loveland Area Projects.7/3/201782-FR-30856
Notice of proposed rate-setting formulas for electric service and adjustment of fiscal year 2018 base charge and rates for Boulder Canyon Project. 6/19/201782-FR-27813
Notice of request for comments for agency information collection extension.5/28/201782-FR-22825
Notice of Cancellation of Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Wilton IV Wind Energy Center, Burleigh County, North Dakota.4/12/201782-FR-17657
Record of decision for TransWest Express Transmission Project Environmental Impact Statement.4/3/201782FR-16192
Notice of additional public scoping meetings for the Colusa-Sutter 500-kilovolt transmission line project in Colusa, Sutter, Yolo and Sacramento Counties, California.1/5/201782-FR-01730
Notice of rate order extending Washoe project, Stampede Division, non-firm power formula rate.1/4/201782-FR-01335
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