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2015 Federal register notices

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Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and To Conduct Scoping Meetings; and Notice of Floodplain and Wetlands Involvement; Colusa-Sutter 500- Kilovolt Transmission Line Project, Colusa and Sutter Counties, California.12/17/201580-FR-79037
Notice of the Proposed 2025 Marketing Plan and announcement of public information and comment forums for Salt Lake City Area Integrated Projects and Colorado River Storage Project 2025 General Power Marketing Criteria.12/15/201580-FR-78222
Notice of final firm power rate, transmission and ancillary services rate for Colorado River Storage Project.9/3/201580-FR-53293
Record of Decision Record for Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement.8/26/201580-FR-51800
Notice of Proposed Extension of Power, Transmission, and Ancillary Services Formula Rates for the Central Valley Project, California-Oregon Transmission Project, Pacific Alternating Current intertie, and information on the Path 15 Transmission upgrade.8/26/201580-FR-51556
Notice of Final Transmission and Ancillary Services Formula Rates for Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program—Eastern Division.7/27/201580-FR-44339
Notice of Proposed transmission rates for adjustment to the Central Arizona Project transmission rates for firm point-to-point transmission service.7/24/201580-FR-44100
Notice of Extension of existing rate-setting formula and approval of fiscal year 2016 base charge and rates for the Boulder Canyon Project.7/24/201580-FR-44098
Notice of final transmission service formula rates for Central Arizona Project.12/28/201580-FR-31310
Notice of Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the TransWest Express 600-kV Direct Current Transmission Project in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada and Proposed Land Use Plan amendments.5/1/201580-FR-24962
Notice of Availability for Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement.5/1/201580-FR-24914
Record of Decision for Interconnection of the Grande Prairie Wind Farm, Holt County, Nebraska.4/28/201580-FR-23538
Notice of Rate Order Concerning a Formula Rate for Provo River Project.2/11/201580-FR-07863
Notice of proposed extension of electric service rate-setting formula and adjustment to base charge and rates for Boulder Canyon Project. 2/8/201580-FR-06955
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