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Fiscal year 2018

Documents requested and current status
WAPA-2018-00027-F10/04/201710/18/201711/02/2017No documents exist.
WAPA policies written and approved that conform to the requirements in HR 840.PS and 5 CFR part 630 that correspond to the three new statutory sections in 5 U.S.C. Chapter 63, Subparts N, O and P.  CLOSED.
WAPA-2018-00237-F11/08/201711/29/201712/08/2017Granted in Part.
RFQ: DE-SOL-001159 - bid opportunity, technical specifications, vendor responses, and final contract.  CLOSED.
WAPA-2018-00403-F12/18/201701/02/201801/18/2018Granted in Full.
A copy of the order title page and statement of work for contract number:  DE-DT 0008768.  CLOSED.
WAPA-2018-00404-F12/18/201701/18/201802/07/2018Granted in part.
Request for copies of certified payroll records and benefit statements for Foothills Energy Services.  On hold and closed.  Reopened as WAPA-2018-00502-F.  CLOSED.
WAPA-2018-00532-F01/16/201801/29/201802/13/2018No documents.
All communications between DOE and any employee/ representative containing search terms related to the Federal Power Act.  CLOSED.
Copies of information pertaining to Freemason to any alleged crime.  On Hold.
All documents describing review and approval of most recent Integrated Resource Plans by various WAPA customers.  Pending.
Copies of documents in control of WAPA pertaining to the provisions of power supply for construction and operation of the California WaterFix project, dated after January 1, 2016.  Pending.
Documents pertaining to vacancy announcement PMA-18-WA-30-MP (Civil Engineering Manager).  Pending.
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