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Welcome to WAPA's Energy Services Program

Energy Services helps Western Area Power Administration customers improve energy efficiency, explore alternative resource options, find new technologies and learn about programs and techniques at other utilities. Services include an equipment loan program, technical assistance, and a full menu of publications available both on-line and in printed version. We work closely with WAPA's Renewables Program to encourage customers to develop, ​purchase and use of renewable energy. Learn more.

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Register to submit your annual IRP online

Submitting your annual integrated resource plan update is easier for Western customers with the online IRP data collection program. Register to use this standardized tool for annual integrated resource plan updates.

Like the compliance training program, the web-based system is designed to streamline the reporting process, increase customers' understanding of the IRP requirements and ensure a consistent review process.​​​​

  • Tribes Working Together
    Online, Web - Starts: 10/26/2017
    11 a.m. MT Learn about generation and transmission and joint action agencies as business models to jointly own, procure and build new transmission and power generation projects; along with other partnership opportunities that can support tribal energy independence and self-determination on tribal lands.
  • Smart Meters for Smart Solutions
    Online, Web - Starts: 10/26/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT Benefit from lessons learned from utilities that have installed Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Understand how to fully leverage the benefits of smart meters and gather best practices on transitioning rate structures, educating customers, and soliciting feedback.
  • 2017 Energy Innovations Summit
    Denver, CO - Starts: 10/28/2017
    Learn what's new in the electricity industry and how it relates to regional power providers.
  • Customer Connections Conference
    Sacramento, CA - Starts: 11/5/2017
    Join more than 300 public power professionals in the business of serving customers and the community. At the Customer Connections Conference, you'll have plenty of opportunities to compare notes, discover best practices, and learn from case studies.
  • Office of Indian Energy Program Review
    Denver, CO - Starts: 11/12/2017
    This event will feature project status updates from tribes across the nation who are leveraging Office of Indian Energy grant funding to deploy energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, taking first steps to energy development, and developing an inter-tribal technical assistance energy network.
  • Using Online Customer Engagement Strategies to Improve Satisfaction and Program Participation
    Online, Web - Starts: 11/15/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT Public power officials will present best practices and lessons learned from implementing outbound digital communications strategies that include personal energy forecasting, customer service representative applications, video messaging, alerts and more. Speakers will also address how to create an online presence and digital strategy that will appeal to Millennials.
  • Partnerships for Utilities and Tribes Initiative
    Online, Web - Starts: 11/29/2017
    11 a.m. MT This webinar introduces a new initiative to facilitate stronger and improved relationships between tribes and utilities or energy companies that serve them. Another possible benefit of this effort is to improve employment of tribal members in utility and energy sector jobs.
  • Economic Market Potential on Tribal Lands and Interactive Tools for Assessments
    Online, Web - Starts: 12/13/2017
    11 a.m. MT Learn about the significant untapped economic potential from developing conventional and renewable energy resources on tribal lands, and the tools available for economic and energy supply assessments.
  • AESP 28th National Conference and Expo
    New Orleans, LA - Starts: 2/18/2018
    Attend the premier energy industry conference that draws the top program managers, policy makers, implementers, marketers, evaluators, consultants and vendors in energy efficiency.
  • 2018 ACEEE Hot Water Forum
    Portland, OR - Starts: 3/20/2018
    ACEEE’s Hot Water Forum is the only technical conference about efficiently making, distributing, and using hot water, regardless of its source. The Forum features two full days of sessions presented by experts in the field on cutting-edge development in these areas.
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