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Welcome to WAPA's Energy Services Program

Energy Services helps Western Area Power Administration customers improve energy efficiency, explore alternative resource options, find new technologies and learn about programs and techniques at other utilities. Services include an equipment loan program, technical assistance, and a full menu of publications available both on-line and in printed version. We work closely with WAPA's Renewables Program to encourage customers to develop, ​purchase and use of renewable energy. Learn more.

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Register to submit your annual IRP online

Submitting your annual integrated resource plan update is easier for Western customers with the online IRP data collection program. Register to use this standardized tool for annual integrated resource plan updates.

Like the compliance training program, the web-based system is designed to streamline the reporting process, increase customers' understanding of the IRP requirements and ensure a consistent review process.​​

  • Four Award-winning Programs Highlight Public Power Innovation in their Communities
    Online, Web - Starts: 8/23/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT Utility winners of APPA's Energy Innovator Award will share the challenges and successes of their experiences. Hear about four projects that range from a solar and energy storage system to an alternative cooling system that is challenging the inefficiencies posed by commercial HVAC systems.
  • AESP Summer Conference 20178
    Toronto, ON - Starts: 8/28/2017
    This conference will focus on how technology and emerging trends in energy efficiency are shaping the electricity industry.
  • Learning to S.E.E.: Sell Efficiency Effectively
    Toronto, ONT - Starts: 8/29/2017
    This workshop features highlights from the weeklong Efficiency Sales Professional™ Boot Camp, including reframing the benefits of efficiency so that your customers can measure their own success; developing concise and compelling communication tools; offering prospect-specific messages that motivate project approvals and much more.
  • University Resources for Tribal Partnerships
    Online, Web - Starts: 8/31/2017
    11 a.m. MT Explore how relationships between universities and tribal nations can foster greater economic development, self-determination and energy independence for the tribes. Speakers will talk about successful university programs and initiatives on energy and the environment that are valuable resources to tribes.
  • Community Solar Success Stories
    Online, Web - Starts: 9/7/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT An industry expert will share experiences, insights and predictions for the future of community solar. Your utility colleagues who’ve launched community solar programs across the country will explain how they made decisions in key areas like program structure, implementation, financing, customer outreach, rates, and marketing.
  • Solar Power International 2017
    Las Vegas, NV - Starts: 9/10/2017
    This event focuses solely on the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise for furthering solar energy development in the United States. Solar Energy Trade Shows designed the events to supply companies with solutions that further their success in the solar market.
  • ACEEE Workshops at VERGE 17
    Santa Clara, CA - Starts: 9/19/2017
    Half-day workshops at the premiere, annual VERGE conference explore and elevate the partnerships that will accelerate the clean economy.
  • Charging Ahead With Electric Vehicles
    Online, Web - Starts: 9/26/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT A steady conversion of vehicles and heating to electricity could lead to a 105 percent increase in electricity demand by 2050. Are you ready to support these new loads in your community? Learn about innovative public power EV programs and get insights on how to work with customers to spur investment in EVs, develop fair pricing models and plan for potential load growth.
  • Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange
    Aspen, CO - Starts: 9/27/2017
    This event facilitates networking and professional development for staff representatives of energy and water utilities in the Rocky Mountain region who are responsible for developing and implementing customer programs related to energy/water efficiency, renewable energy, demand response and key account customer management.
  • Fundamentals of Organized Energy Markets for Tribes
    Online, Web - Starts: 9/28/2017
    11 a.m. MT Find out how the expansion of establishments such as the Southwest Power Pool and the California Independent System Operator is going to create opportunities for those looking for more energy resource options or to buy and sell energy resources, especially on tribal lands.
  • EEBA High Performance Home Summit 2017
    Atlanta, GA - Starts: 10/10/2017
    The EEBA Summit presents peer-led panels, and successful, real-world case studies focused on helping every builder, architect, rater, community developer and all others in the home building industry to be more successful.
  • Best Practices in Battery Storage
    Online, Web - Starts: 10/12/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT The evolution of energy storage is changing how we produce and consume energy, like never before. Get up to speed on where we are and what to expect in the future. Three public power utilities will tell you about their award-winning storage projects, from selecting a developer and siting to leveraging benefits such as peak shaving and financial impacts. Your pioneering colleagues will help you navigate the bold new path of utility-scale battery storage.
  • Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference
    Sacramento, CA - Starts: 10/15/2017
    The Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC) is the premier international conference focused on understanding human behavior and decision making. This knowledge can accelerate the transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon future.
  • Tribes Working Together
    Online, Web - Starts: 10/26/2017
    11 a.m. MT Learn about generation and transmission and joint action agencies as business models to jointly own, procure and build new transmission and power generation projects; along with other partnership opportunities that can support tribal energy independence and self-determination on tribal lands.
  • Smart Meters for Smart Solutions
    Online, Web - Starts: 10/26/2017
    12-1:30 pm MT Benefit from lessons learned from utilities that have installed Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Understand how to fully leverage the benefits of smart meters and gather best practices on transitioning rate structures, educating customers, and soliciting feedback.
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