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Welcome to WAPA's Energy Services Program

Energy Services helps Western Area Power Administration customers improve energy efficiency, explore alternative resource options, find new technologies and learn about programs and techniques at other utilities. Services include an equipment loan program, technical assistance, and a full menu of publications available both on-line and in printed version. We work closely with WAPA's Renewables Program to encourage customers to develop, ​purchase and use of renewable energy. Learn more.

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Register to submit your annual IRP online

Submitting your annual integrated resource plan update is easier for Western customers with the online IRP data collection program. Register to use this standardized tool for annual integrated resource plan updates.

Like the compliance training program, the web-based system is designed to streamline the reporting process, increase customers' understanding of the IRP requirements and ensure a consistent review process.​

  • HydroVision International
    Denver, CO - Starts: 6/27/2017
    HydroVision International is the largest gathering of hydro professionals worldwide. The event highlights perspectives on the role of hydropower, explores issues affecting hydro resources, and helps participants develop a vision to meet challenges and ensure the future sustainability of hydro. More Info
  • Tribal Project Partnerships
    Online , Web - Starts: 6/28/2017
    11 a.m. MT Hear about successful partnerships and how the successes can be replicated throughout the U.S. This webinar will be of particular interest to tribal nations and energy industry professional interested in expanding their energy resource options and increasing economic development and self-determination. More Info
  • From Project Costs to Customer Pricing
    Online, Web - Starts: 6/29/2017
    11 A.M. This webinar will walk you through the Community Solar Value Project’s streamlined approach to developing strategic, economical project designs and specifications, using three generic utility examples. Then it will go one step further, to move from project cost to program pricing. More Info
  • A Principles-Based Operating Practices Handbook for Wind Turbine Operations & Maintenance
    Online, Web - Starts: 6/29/2017
    12-1 PM MT The Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG) Operations & Maintenance Group has developed a wind turbine/plant Operating Practices Handbook. This presentation will cover the mission and scope of the guidebook and orient APPA members on the material covered within it. More Info
  • Biopower Decision-Making and Best Practices
    Online, Web - Starts: 7/6/2017
    12-1 PM MT Biopower projects can reliably and affordably help to diversify a utility’s power-supply mix, but can also be controversial. This webinar explores how a collaborative approach can constructively address concerns, optimize benefits and build support for biopower projects. More Info
  • Intersolar North America
    San Francisco, CA - Starts: 7/11/2017
    The exhibition and conference both focus on photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage and solar thermal technologies. This event is an important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the global solar industry. More Info
  • Solar Codes and Safety Forum
    San Francisco, CA - Starts: 7/12/2017
    There is an increasing need for other professions to know more about solar technologies, both for safety and quality assurance. This half-day training session in San Francisco is one in a series of national forums on solar codes and safety specifically for local building planners and inspectors, architects, builders, solar installers and others who will benefit, including fire officials. More Info
  • Plug-and-Play Solar
    Online, Web - Starts: 7/20/2017
    12-1 PM Discuss new technologies and techniques that could reduce equipment and labor costs, but may require changes to interconnection standards and procedures. More Info
  • Grid Evolution Summit
    Washington, DC - Starts: 7/25/2017
    The Grid Evolution Summit brings all electricity stakeholders together to build the future of electricity. Discuss and debate the latest trends, issues, and business developments with industry influencers. More Info
  • Powering Your Community with Tribal Energy
    Online, Web - Starts: 7/27/2017
    11 a.m. MT Speakers will address the steps to developing a 1- to 2-megawatt energy project on tribally owned or controlled property to serve the energy needs of the tribal community. More Info
  • Maintaining or Improving Your Utility’s Bond Rating
    Online , Web - Starts: 7/28/2017
    12-1:30 pm This is the second in a series of two webinars designed to help educate public power utilities on the ins-and-outs of how rating agencies evaluate a utility’s bond rating. Hear what the rating agencies use in their evaluation of the utility’s bond rating and learn strategies to improve the utility’s financial health and credit worthiness in the eyes of the lending community. More Info
  • 2017 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
    Denver, CO - Starts: 8/15/2017
    Explore the latest thinking on managing plant energy use, national energy policy and program administration. Events will help you take what you learn and turn it into action. More networking sessions will introduce you to people who can help you accomplish mutual goals. More Info
  • AESP Summer Conference 20178
    Toronto, ON - Starts: 8/30/2017
    This conference will focus on how technology and emerging trends in energy efficiency are shaping the electricity industry. More Info
  • University Resources for Tribal Partnerships
    Online, Web - Starts: 8/31/2017
    11 a.m. MT Explore how relationships between universities and tribal nations can foster greater economic development, self-determination and energy independence for the tribes. Speakers will talk about successful university programs and initiatives on energy and the environment that are valuable resources to tribes. More Info
  • Solar Power International 2017
    Las Vegas, NV - Starts: 9/10/2017
    This event focuses solely on the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise for furthering solar energy development in the United States. Solar Energy Trade Shows designed the events to supply companies with solutions that further their success in the solar market. More Info
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