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Welcome to WAPA's Energy Services Program

Energy Services helps Western Area Power Administration customers improve energy efficiency, explore alternative resource options, find new technologies and learn about programs and techniques at other utilities. Services include an equipment loan program, technical assistance, and a full menu of publications available both on-line and in printed version. We work closely with WAPA's Renewables Program to encourage customers to develop, ​purchase and use of renewable energy. Learn more.

Free regional workshop tackles community solar challenge

June 7-8
Golden, Colorado

WAPA's Renewables Program​;and the Community Solar Value Project  invite utilities in the West to Community Solar Procurements, Programs and Pricing , June 7-8 at the Electric Power Training Center​ in Golden Colorado.

This one and one-half day workshop will help you overcome the key stumbling blocks to utility-led program success, including:

  • Assessing in-house and outsourced procurement choices

  • Employing strategic design elements that make sense for your utility 

  • Designing an RFP for quality, economy, and timeliness 

  • Pricing competitively, while meeting utility needs and addressing risks

  • Adding features that add value to customer engagement​

There is no cost for utility representatives and others (as space allows) to participate in this workshop. Participants only cover travel/hotel costs and incidentals. However, registration  is required so don't wait!

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Register to submit your annual IRP online

Submitting your annual integrated resource plan update is easier for Western customers with the online IRP data collection program. Register to use this standardized tool for annual integrated resource plan updates.

Like the compliance training program, the web-based system is designed to streamline the reporting process, increase customers' understanding of the IRP requirements and ensure a consistent review process.​

  • 2017 National Tribal Energy Summit
    Washington, DC - Starts: 5/1/2017
    The event will bring tribal leaders together with senior administration officials and representatives from federal agencies, state governments, private industry, utilities and academia to exchange ideas and explore permanent solutions to our combined energy development challenges. More Info
  • AESP Spring Conference
    Salt Lake City, UT - Starts: 5/2/2017
    This will be a dual track conference focusing on marketing and customer engagement. Marketing sessions will focus on innovative targeted or mass media marketing tactics and campaigns inside and outside of the energy efficiency industry. Customer Engagement sessions will focus on tactics, strategies and results related to program participant recruitment and retention. More Info
  • Strategic Planning for Long-Term Effectiveness
    Online, Web - Starts: 5/2/2017
    12-1:30 P.M. Among the most important aspects of utility governance are identifying the organizational priorities and setting the utility’s strategic direction, usually through a strategic planning process. This webinar will explore the values that should drive strategic planning in a public organization, including the important role of the governing board. More Info
  • 37th Utility Energy Forum
    Santa Rosa, CA - Starts: 5/3/2017
    Network with energy services professionals representing energy utilities and allies serving Western states. Learn how they are developing and implementing customer programs related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, key account management, and other customer services. More Info
  • Utility Green Tariff Programs
    Online, Web - Starts: 5/4/2017
    11:30 A.M. MT First Thursday Update presents a new option for agencies to purchase renewable energy through their utility: green tariffs. This update will also discuss emerging tariffs and how agencies can work with their utility to create new green-tariff options. More Info
  • E Design 2020: Accelerating Utility Innovation for the New Energy Consumer
    San Francisco, CA - Starts: 5/9/2017
    This two-day, immersive gathering will highlight innovative approaches and design-thinking experiences from a variety of industries to show you how these strategies can be applied at your utility. You’ll learn how a shift in culture can start with empathy for your customers. More Info
  • The Best Steps You Can Take Toward Solar Plus
    Online, Web - Starts: 5/11/2017
    11 a.m.-12 p.m. MT John Powers, who leads Extensible Energy and directs the CSVP, introduces various energy storage options that are commonly called "solar plus." More Info
  • Better Buildings Summit
    Washington, DC - Starts: 5/15/2017
    Speakers from the commercial, industrial, public, multifamily, residential and data center sectors shared how they draw on energy efficiency technologies, business practices, and partnerships to save money on utility bills, create new jobs, and improve their organization’s competitiveness. More Info
  • Distributed Solar for Smaller Utilities
    Online, Web - Starts: 5/18/2017
    12-1 PM MT Learn about the experiences of smaller utilities that are shifting their business processes, staffing, planning and operations to integrate distributed solar into their systems. More Info
  • What Energy Project is Right for my Tribe?
    Online, Web - Starts: 5/31/2017
    11 a.m. MT Learn how to identify appropriate energy projects, from a small renewable generator for a single residence or building to a utility-scale project requiring transmission interconnection and a purchase power agreement. More Info
  • Understanding Key Elements of Energy Storage
    Denver, CO - Starts: 6/8/2017
    This one-day course will introduce participants to concepts related to energy storage, including the growing need for storage both grid-scale and behind the meter. Various storage technologies, their key attributes, and where they fit into today’s energy marketplace will be discussed, along with regulatory issues, emerging business models, and the companies active in the space. More Info
  • HydroVision International
    Denver, CO - Starts: 6/27/2017
    HydroVision International is the largest gathering of hydro professionals worldwide. The event highlights perspectives on the role of hydropower, explores issues affecting hydro resources, and helps participants develop a vision to meet challenges and ensure the future sustainability of hydro. More Info
  • Tribal Project Partnerships
    Online , Web - Starts: 6/29/2017
    11 a.m. MT Hear about successful partnerships and how the successes can be replicated throughout the U.S. This webinar will be of particular interest to tribal nations and energy industry professional interested in expanding their energy resource options and increasing economic development and self-determination. More Info
  • Plug-and-Play Solar
    Online, Web - Starts: 7/20/2017
    12-1 PM Discuss new technologies and techniques that could reduce equipment and labor costs, but may require changes to interconnection standards and procedures. More Info
  • Powering Your Community with Tribal Energy
    Online, Web - Starts: 7/27/2017
    11 a.m. MT Speakers will address the steps to developing a 1- to 2-megawatt energy project on tribally owned or controlled property to serve the energy needs of the tribal community. More Info
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