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Welcome to WAPA's Energy Services Program

Energy Services helps Western Area Power Administration customers get the most from their allocations. Our regional representatives are available to answer questions about integrated resource planning and to suggest technologies and strategies to help customers reach their load management goals. We work closely with WAPA's Renewables Program to encourage customers to develop, ​purchase and use of renewable energy. Learn more.

Changes come to Energy Services

Lately, WAPA has been looking at the programs and initiatives we offer to determine which bring the most value to customers and which have served their purpose. Read more.

Download presentations from 2018 RMUE

Presentations and photos from the 12th Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange are now online    .  Login is required, but access is free, so please forward this message to anyone who didn't attend but who you know would benefit from the information presented. Read more.

Register to submit your annual IRP online

Submitting your annual integrated resource plan update is easier for Western customers with the online IRP data collection program. Register to use this standardized tool for annual integrated resource plan updates.

Like the compliance training program, the web-based system is designed to streamline the reporting process, increase customers' understanding of the IRP requirements and ensure a consistent review process.​​​​

  • Tribal Microgrid Case Studies
    Online, Web - Starts: 11/27/2018
    11 a.m. MT This webinar will provide an overview of microgrid systems and technologies and how they can be used in tribal communities for emergency situations, to provide reliability, or to increase independence. Speakers will highlight the benefits and challenges for tribes considering developing, owning and operating a microgrid.
  • Insights into EISA 2020: a gradual decline or a steep cliff?
    Online, Web - Starts: 11/29/2018
    11 am MST Research was conducted to better understand the issues in play for adopting Energy Independence and Security Act standards, the movement toward new baselines and other major program updates. An evaluation of TRMs, current program plans and surveys with manufacturers, other vendors, evaluators, and utilities will provide a starting point for program changes and the movement toward market transformation.
  • The Power to Choose – A Market-Based Approach to Scale Clean Energy Investment by Residential Customers
    Online, Web - Starts: 12/6/2018
    PG&E pioneered an online marketplace back in March 2015 – an innovative retail product approach – and recently filed to begin claiming the market-based savings resulting from non-rebated efficiency purchases in 2019. This fills the gap left by lighting cost-effectively. PG&E will present a brief overview of the project from the utility’s perspective.
  • 2018 Office of Indian Energy Program Review
    Denver , CO - Starts: 12/10/2018
    The 2018 Program Review will feature project status updates from tribes across the nation who are leveraging Office of Indian Energy grant funding to deploy energy technologies or initiate the first steps to energy development.
  • “Cooling Bonus” and a Methodology to Quantify Realized Energy Savings – Two Takeaways from DTE’s C&I Lighting Retrofit Study
    Web, Online - Starts: 12/13/2018
    11 am MT This webinar presents the results and methodology of an hourly, facility‑level energy savings analysis for LED lighting retrofits. The research was carried out in C&I buildings participating in the DTE Energy C&I custom energy efficiency program in 2017.
  • AESP 29th Annual Conference
    San Antonio, TX - Starts: 1/21/2019
    The premier energy industry conference draws the top program managers, implementers, marketers, evaluators, policy makers, consultants and manufacturers in demand-side management, energy efficiency, demand response and IDSM. Highly regarded experts in their respective fields will lead over 45 sessions that cover a range of current topics in marketing, implementation, program design, technology, research, evaluation, diversity and more.
  • 39th Utility Energy Forum
    Cambria, CA - Starts: 4/24/2019
    The Utility Energy Forum is a non-profit consortium that produces an annual meeting for attendees, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors to have a high-quality, non-commercial opportunity to exchange information about current and emerging industry issues.
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