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About Energy Services

What is WAPA's Energy Services?

The Energy Services program helps WAPA customers fulfill their resource planning requirements. An Energy Services representative in each of WAPA's five regional offices is available to help customers explore energy and planning solutions that are right for their specific needs.

Why does WAPA have Energy Services?

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (42 USC 7275) authorized WAPA to conduct and implement integrated resource plans (IRPs) to ensure that firm power customers were using their federal hydropower allocations as efficiently as possible. WAPA's Energy Planning and Management Program went into effect in 1995. It requires firm power customers to periodically prepare and submit IRPs, and directs WAPA to provide technical assistance to help customers with the planning process. WAPA must also encourage them to explore efficiency measures and alternative resources that would extend their portfolios. Technical assistance includes one-on-one assistance and other forms of outreach. Customers with limited ability to conduct resource planning receive priority under EPAct.

Can the general public use Energy Services? 

Long-term, firm power customers can always get technical assistance and other information without additional cost (unless a cost-shared, larger technical assistance project such as a workshop, has been arranged). Members of the general public, however, may not be entitled to free services.

Our customer service regional offices allow us to stay in touch with our customers and their needs, helping them to remain competitive in the changing utility environment. Contact your regional Energy Services representative today to learn more about how WAPA Energy Services can sharpen your competitive edge.

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