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​Selecting the Right Report

​Customers have four options for submitting IRPs to WAPA. With WAPA’s approval, a customer may substitute a small customer plans, minimum investment or EE/RE report instead of an IRP.

New customers seeking approval to submit one of the IRP alternative reports must provide advance written notice to their WAPA Regional Manager within 30 days from the time they become a customer. Any customer may resubmit an IRP or notify WAPA of its plan to change its compliance method at any time so long as there is no period of noncompliance.​

I.    Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

For all long-term, firm customers of Western Area Power Administration. The EPAct requirement to submit IRPs to Western every five years in WAPA’s power sales contracts.  The current resource planning criteria went into effect June 20, 2008, after WAPA reviewed the original regulations and completed a public process.

II.    Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Report (EE/RE)

For state, tribal or Federal end-use customers that file an EE/RE report mandated by under state, tribal or Federal program (i.e. Federal Executive Order 13423); Customers must file an initial report and annual report.

III.  Minimum Investment Report (MIR)

For customers required by state, tribal or Federal regulation to make a mandated minimum financial/resource investment in DSM or renewable energy programs or initiatives (i.e. California’s investment requirement). Customers must file an initial report and annual letter.

IV.   Small Customer Plan (SCP)

For utilities under 25 GWh in sales/use, including those that are part of member-base associations (MBA) and joint action agencies (JAA); all end-use customers. The SCP reduces data collection and reporting requirement. Customers must file an initial plan and annual letter.

V.   Compliance through member-based associations, joint action agencies, or IRP cooperatives

Approval by the governing board.

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