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IRP annual progress reporting

​Congress requires Western and its customers to provide an annual report of supply-side, demand-side, and renewable resource activities undertaken as a result of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and Western's Energy Planning and Management Program. IRP progress reports must be submitted each year within 30 days of the anniversary date of the approved and currently applicable IRP. Small customer update letters are likewise due within 30 days of the anniversary date of the approved small customer plan.

Annual progress reports must contain information that describes:

The customer’s accomplishments achieved pursuant to the action plan, including projected goals, implementation schedules, and resource expenditures

Resource expenditures

  • Energy and capacity benefits and renewable energy developments achieved as compared to those anticipated

Small customer plan update letters must contain information that:

  • Verifies the customer’s annual energy sales or usage is 25 GWh or less, averaged over the previous five years 
Identifies customer achievements against small customer plan-targeted action plans
  • Measured values are preferred, but reasonable estimates are acceptable if measurement is infeasible or not cost-effective.

To assist customers in reporting, Western has developed a series of Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheets (also available as scaled-down versions in Quattro Pro) that can be submitted as the IRP annual progress report or small customer update letter. The IRP Annual Progress Reporting Spreadsheet and IRP Annual Progress Consolidation Spreadsheet (for Cooperatives and MBAs) provide Western customers an opportunity to report the required information in an electronic format that eases customer data input and Western data gathering. The spreadsheets were developed for the convenience of Western's customers, and their use is not mandatory. Western's customers can report the information contained within the spreadsheets in any format they choose, as long as the information is submitted to Western for review and approval in the appropriate time frame.

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