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Review and assistance

​WAPA's Energy Services provides review for and assistance with integrated resource planning to long-term, firm power customers through WAPA’s Energy Services. In addition to reviewing and approving IRP's small customer plans, WAPA provides technical assistance and information to help customers with varying aspects of IRP development and implementation. General energy services assistance ranges from publications, regional workshops and training, to the Equipment Loan Program. IRP-specific, direct assistance is provided on a case-by-case basis, and is arranged by the customer's regional representative. General IRP assistance, such as Western's IRP review policies and procedures, is provided through this website. Learn more about IRP review and assistance, as well as FOIA information.  

Complete the form below to request assistance in developing, implementing, or evaluating integrated resource or small customer plans to meet Western's IRP requirement. The appropriate regional energy or customer representative will contact you shortly. To discuss your IRP process directly, please call your regional representative. You may also contact Energy Services by email. Make sure you include your name, organization, city, state and telephone number, and "IRP assistance" in the subject line.

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