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Integrated Resource Planning

​The Energy Planning and Management Program requires WAPA customers to periodically submit Integrated Resource Plans (IRP) or an approved alternative:

The IRP must evaluate the full range of alternatives to provide adequate and reliable service to a customer’s electric consumers at the customer’s or member’s lowest system cost. Ideally, the planning process assesses new generating capacity, power purchases, energy conservation and efficiency, cogeneration and district heating and cooling applications and renewable energy resources. Robust public involvement should be a part of the process, as well, allowing the utility to share upcoming challenges with its consumers and to get their input on solutions that best address the community's diverse wishes and concerns.

In 2011, WAPA implemented three revisions to its IRP rules:

  • Eliminating the requirement that members of a member-based association (MBA) unanimously approve the MBA's IRP
  • Encouraging customers to cooperate on preparing regional IRPs
  • Making customers' current IRPs more accessible to the public by placing them on WAPA's or the customer's Web site

Submit your annual IRP update online

WAPA offers step-by-step online reporting tools to streamline the process of submitting your annual integrated resource plan. Even if your reporting deadline isn't coming up, take a moment to explore these pages. Your suggestions for refining and improving these programs are always welcomed.

It is not mandatory for customers to use the IRP data collection program, just easier! If you would prefer to submit your report manually, contact your Energy Services representative.

Below are more resources to help customers effectively plan to meet their consumers' needs:

Request further information or assistance on your own IRP.

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