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Power meters

​Picking the power meter for your needs depends on what you want to measure, as well as your technical knowledge. The table below will help you figure out which model you need. Contact the Equipment Loan manager with additional questions.

Tool User Application​ Operation​ Skill level​
Kill-a-Watt ​Residential, small business, classroom ​Determine appliance energy consumption; explain energy consumption to consumers; measure current, future capacity requirements before solar installation; classroom energy use demonstrations ​Line-powered; stand-alone; indoor use ​Consumer
LineTracker ​Utilities ​Monitor peak loads at network critical points; manage load distribution line capacity; locate fault cause (i.e., cracked insulators); verify breaker, recloser, fuse operations Battery- (rechargeable) solar-powered; memory; computer required; wireless on-site communication; software provided; single & three-phase overhead distrib. lines up to 69 kV; live-line installation (requires hotstick); weatherproof ​Lineman
Power Pad ​Residential, industrial, agricultural Measure whole-building or –system energy use or power quality during normal operation; verify power distribution circuits; troubleshoot power distribution panels, individual machinery; monitor pad-mount transformers and phase unbalances ​Battery-powered (rechargeable); display screen or computer hookup; software provided; memory indoor/short-term outdoor use; requires 120-volt power outlet for recording data Lineman, electrician


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