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Infared cameras

Western offers several models of infrared camera, all of which come with the necessary software to download the pictures to your computer to include in reports.

The uses for IR cameras are up to the user's imagination and creativity; however, every camera is not suited to every job, or every user. Different cameras require different levels of expertise to operate. Another consideration is the camera's resolution—the amount of detail in the picture. Some jobs require a more detailed image to diagnose the problem:

  • Low resolution is for detecting thermal leaks in appliances or building envelopes (i.e., during energy audits).
  • Medium resolution is for identifying overheating elements in heavy equipment, such as motors, fans and bearings and indoor electrical panels.
  • High resolution is for inspecting large, outdoor systems, including overhead power lines and transformers.
Tool Resolution​ Operational features​ Skill level​
​FLIR EX320 High ​Telephoto and wide-angle lenses ​Electrician, facility manager
​FLIR T360 ​High ​Digital pictures ​Electrician, facility manager
​FLIR T400 ​High ​Digital pictures, telephoto lens ​Electrician, lineman
FLIR T620 ​Very high ​Digital pictures, wifi, remote control, downloads Electrician, lineman
​Fluke Ti-10 ​Low ​Digital pictures ​Consumer, energy auditor
Fluke TiX500 ​Very high ​Digital pictures, wireless compatibility ​Electrician, lineman


See the Infrared Thermography fact sheet to learn more.​

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