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Diagnostic tools

​​Auditing tools have a wide range of applications, some general and others very specific. Many can be used to illustrate to consumers exactly how they are using energy. 

Tool Application Operation Skill level


Look inside confined spaces with limited access points, such as walls, breakers, ducts, etc.

Stand-alone, point and shoot, direct video viewing

Consumer, energy auditor

Electromagnetic Field Monitor

Measure electomagnetic fields produced by electrical appliances and devices. Good for checking out consumer complaints, home troubleshooting, class projects

Stand-alone, point and shoot

Consumer, energy auditor
Illuminance meter Measure lighting levels in work or other spaces Stand-alone; direct read-out of lighting levels Consumer, energy auditor
Sense Home Energy Monitor Identifies the electrical signature of household appliances to show their energy consumption. Connects wirelessly to cell phone Consumer, energy auditor
Time-of-use monitors Determine when lighting, air conditioning, heater, appliance or other electrical devices are being used Access to wire or device  to be monitored; stand-alone; data download required Electrician, energy auditor
Ultra-sonic leak detector Detects leaks in pressurized air and steam line hoses and pipes, electrical arcing, and bearing and other mechanical failures Hand held, stand-alone detector with interchangeable sensors for airborne leakage (for leaks and arcing) and contact diagnostics (for mechanical testing) Electrician, facility manager, equipment mechanics
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