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EPTC instructors

​Troy Smith

Troy has been working in the electrical industry since 1997, interspersing study for his degree with work and military experience that added to his skills. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Methodist University in North Carolina. 

Shortly after he graduated, the Army Corps of Engineers recruited Troy from his job as a middle school science teacher into its hydroelectric power trainee program, Nashville District. After working for three years at Old Hickory and Barkley hydropower facilities, he applied to transfer to the Bureau of Reclamation in Loveland, Colorado. Troy became the acting electrical foreman for three hydropower plants along the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, a federal water diversion project. During his tenure, he revitalized the bureau’s Hazardous Energy Control Program, developed standard operating procedures and served as the outage/restriction coordinator for the entire Eastern Colorado region. 

Troy joined the EPTC team in 2013 as the operations and maintenance instructor for hydropower generation. He continues to develop his knowledge in power system operations, receiving reliability certification from the North American Electric Reliability Council in 2013, and now trains power systems dispatchers for the EPTC.

Kurt Daniel 

Kurt began his career in the U.S. Navy as an aviation fire control technician.  Following his honorable discharge, he worked for three years as a marine electrician and began a degree program in electrical power and controls.  He next worked for Boeing Aerospace as a computerized numerical control technician.

Puget Power in Washington state gave Kurt his first job in the utility industry. He worked as a meter technician for 12 years and as a system operator for five years. Kurt then joined the City of Tacoma municipal utility, where he worked as a system power dispatcher and senior system power dispatcher/generation and transmission for 12 years. During his first year of training at Tacoma, he worked as a switchman on 4Kv to 230Kv systems.  Kurt has earned his IBEW journeyman meterman card and in 2002 his NERC certification at the reliability coordinator level.

Kurt’s experience and training took him to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council where he worked for several months as a reliability coordinator III.  He joined WAPA in 2014 as a system power dispatcher instructor at the EPTC.

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