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What WAPA buys

​WAPA buys a wide variety of supplies, services, equipment and construction work. The DOE's Forecast identifies likely purchases for the upcoming year. Check FedConnect​regularly for new solicitations or register for email updates.

Contractors: Western 2009 Construction Standards (4.6 MB pdf),2013 Construction Standards (3.4 MB pdf) and Construction Standards 2016 (3.74 MB pdf). Also available are WAPA's Electrical Equipment Standards(401 KB pdf).

Contractors security requirements: To be eligible to work under a service contract at a WAPA site for a period of 180 consecutive days or more, all contract and subcontract employees must undergo a full background investigation. Use the Background Investigations Standard Operating Procedures (pdf) to complete the process.

Here are some examples of WAPA purchases:

Construction work

  • high-voltage electrical substations
  • concrete foundations
  • transmission lines 
  • wood pole treatment/inspection
  • warehouse buildings
  • asphalt/paving
  • microwave & VHF communication systems
  • roads 
  • site development 
  • grading, drainage, fencing and surfacing
  • Construction-related supplies

  • wood poles
  • cement/concrete supplies
  • reinforcing and structural steel
  • building materials
  • culverts
  • Electrical materials and equipment

  • electrical insulators
  • switchgear and switchboard apparatus
  • electrical wiring devices
  • industrial controls
  • electrical power measuring equipment
  • current-carrying wiring devices
  • detection or communication systems
  • high-voltage power circuit breakers
  • transformers
  • surge arrestors
  • series capacitor banks
  • shunt capacitor banks
  • shunt reactors
  • relays
  • fault recorders
  • SCADA and EMS systems
  • metering transformers
  • Miscellaneous supplies and services

  • training services 
  • administrative services
  • facility support services
  • graphics services
  • technical services
  • office supplies
  • computer equipment
  • computer maintenance and repair
  • office furniture
  • financial audit services
  • consulting services
  • software
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