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Customer News

The Source displays operational data and financial information in one convenient location as part of our commitment to transparency. Send comments, questions and suggestions for content to

Western Area Power Administration is committed to evolving our communication standards to better meet our customers' needs. In addition to the open and transparent information related to our operational choices and capital planning efforts available on The Source, this page provides updates, alerts and news on topics of interest to customers.   

Customer advisories

09/12/23: Three WAPA divisions to pursue negotiations with SPP RTO

08/25/23:  WAPA select​s Sierra Nevada regional manager

08/22/23: Augu​st 2023 Closed Circuit available

07/31/23: Federal Register notice a​bout renew​ing WAP​A’s Applicant Profile Data form

07/17/23: WAPA s​elects new chief of staff

06/29/23: June 2023 Closed Circuit available​​

06/02/23: WAPA and markets, Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2023

05/12/23: WAPA 2023 Summer Preparedness Letter

04/25/23: WAPA's FY 2022 Annual Report now available​

04/20/23: April 2023 Closed Circuit available

04/12/23: WAPA and markets, Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2023 

03/01/23: WAPA and mar​kets, Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2023​​

02/22/23: February 2023 Closed Circuit available​

02/07/23: WAPA announces Power Forward 2030 strategic plan

01/29/23: 2023 WAPA annual customer meeting invitation

12/22/22: December 2022 Closed Circuit available

12/21/22: WAPA celebrates 45 years powering the West

12/19/22: WAPA to host annual customer meeting on Feb. 8, 2023 

12/08/22: WAPA and markets, Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2022

12/07/22: WAPA to Discuss Drought, Financial Needs and Our Response - Dec. 21 webinar

12/02/22: WAPA to Discuss Drought, Financial Needs and Our Response - Dec. 15 webinar

11/17/22: OATT Revision 22-02 redlines, presentation available

11/08/22: ​​WAPA to host Ten-Year Capital Plan for the Headquarters Office webinar 

11/01/22: WAPA begins OATT Revision 22-02 process

10/18/22: WAPA and markets, Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2022

10/14/22: October 2022 Closed Circuit available

9/26/22: FY 2021 Statistical Appendix published

9/23/22: WAPA posts responses to comments and final OATT redlines for DSW EIM participation

08/30/22: August 2022 Closed Circuit available

08/29/22: WAPA and markets, Volume 3, Issue 4, August 2022​

08/23/22: Provide input for WAPA annual customer meeting​

08/01/22: Let's Talk Strategy - WAPA's proposed new strategic plan, Power Forward 2030

07/20/22: Closed Circuit to publish bimonthly

07/06/22: WAPA energy markets update

07/01/22: OATT Revision 22-01 redlines available for July 14 webinar

06/23/22: WAPA and markets, Volume 3, Issue 3,​ June 2022

06/17/22: June 2022 Closed Circuit available

06/10/22: WAPA 2022 Summer Preparedness Letter

06/03/22: WAPA begins OATT revision process for DSW EIM Participation

05/17/22: May 2022 Closed Circuit available

04/20/22: WAPA and markets, Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2022

04/18/22: April 2022 Closed Circuit available

03/16/22: March 2022 Closed Circuit available

03/11/22: WAPA's acting executive vice president and chief operating officer announced

02/28/22: WAPA and markets, Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2022

02/15/22: February 2022 Closed Circuit available

01/19/22: January 2022 Closed Circuit available

12/21/21: WAPA and markets, Volume 2, Issue 6​,​ December 2021

12/20/21: Input requested on WAPA strategic plan (final reminder)

12//16/21: December 2021 Closed Circuit available 

12/15/21: Input requested on WAPA strategic plan (first reminder)

12/14/21: WAPA’s PPW funding from the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

12/09/21: Chief Operating Officer Kevin Howard announces retirement

12/09/21: Input requested on WAPA strategic plan

12/08/21: Keeping connected during COVID-19

11/30/21: WAPA releases fiscal year 2021 Annual Report

11/29/21: Reminder to join WAPA's Annual Customer Meeting 2021

11/23/21: OATT Revision 21-01 draft business practices available​

11/18/21: November 2021 Closed Circuit available

10/28/21: Save the date for WAPA's Annual Customer Meeting 2021

10/19/21: October 2021 Closed Circuit available​​

09/17/21: WAPA and markets, Volume 2, Issue 5, September 2021​

09/16/21: DSW to join CAISO Energy Imbalance Market

09/13/21: September 2021 Closed Circuit available

09/03/21: Customer discussions coming soon on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

08/25/21: Tracey LeBeau named WAPA’s new Administrator​​

08/23/21: Today's Federal Register notice about TIP​

08/12/21: August 2021 Closed Circuit available

08/03/21: Final OATT Revision 21-01 redline documents available

07/16/21: July 2021 Closed Circuit available

06/25/21: WAPA and markets, Volume 2, Issue 4, June 2021

06/17/21: June 2021 Closed Circuit available

05/18/21: May 2021 Closed Circuit available

05/14/21: Materials available for OATT Revision 21-01 webinar

04/30/21: OATT Revision 21-01 webinar invite​

04/23/21: WAPA and markets, Volume 2, Issue 3,​​ ​April 2021

04/20/21: April 2021 Closed Circuit available

04/09/21: ​CRSP to explore full SPP RTO membership in the West​​ 

03/25/21: SN successfully transitions into CAISO Western Energy Imbalance Market

03/18/21: March 2021 Closed Circuit available

03/10/21: Announcing departure of Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel

02/22/21: WAPA and markets, Volume 2, Issue 2,​ ​February 2021

02/18/21: February 2021 Closed Circuit available

02/01/21: UGP, CRSP and RM successfully transition into WEIS market

01/20/21: WAPA and markets, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2021​​

01/14/21: January 2021 Closed Circuit available

01/11/21: OATT Revision 20-02, business practice update

12/21/20: WAPA and markets, Volume 1, Issue 11, December 2020

12/15/20: December 2020 Closed Circuit available

11/23/20: WAPA provides update on hydropower MOU

11/19/20: WAPA and markets, Volume 1, Issue 10, Novembe​r 2020​

11/12/20: WAPA expresses interest in exploring RTO membership for LAP, UGP-West

11/12/20: ​​WAPA names Jennifer Rodgers as new CAO

11/10/20: OATT Revision 20-02 update

11/06/20: November 2020 Closed Circuit available

10/29/20: WAPA avoids, saves over $113 million through continuous process improvement

10/20/20: WAPA and markets, Volume 1 Issue 9, October 2020

10/16/20: October 2020 Closed Circuit available 

10/15/20: WAPA responds to risk of GMDs with in-house monitoring system

10/09/20: ​Regional manager leadership changes in RM​

10/05/20: DSW and CRSP explore combined transmission rate​

09/28/20: Update on OATT revisions 20-01 and 20-02​

09/25/20: WAPA and markets Volume 1, Issue 8, September 2020​​​​​​​​​​​​

09/21/20: September 2020 Closed Circuit available

09/01/20: WAPA and markets Volume 1, Issue 7, August 2020​​​​​​

08/19/20: UGP Regional Manager Jody Sundsted to retire​

08/19/20: August 2020 Cl​osed Circuit available

08/04/20: Update on WEIS effort

08/03/20: New Colorado River Storage Project manager named​

07/31/20: Update on WAPA's COVID response and responsible workplace re-entry

07/27/20: July 2020 Closed Circuit available

07/23/20: WAPA and markets Volume 1, Issue 6, July 2020

07/22/20: Fiber optics feasibility assessment now available​

07/06/20: Second chapter of Federal Cyber Essentials Toolkit available

07/13/20: ​New WAPA records schedules open for public comment

07/09/20: Update on WAPA's COVID-19 response

07/08/20: Informal comment period extended for OATT revision 20-02

07/07/20: WAPA selects SCADA vendor

07/01/20: Webinar materials available for OATT Revision 20-01

06/17/20: WAPA and markets Volume 1, Issue 5, May/June 2020​

06/16/20: Webinar materials available for OATT Revision 20-02​​

06/15/20: June 2020 Closed Circuit available

06/05/20: Federal Cyber Essentials Toolkit available from DHS​

06/03/20: WAPA continues its pandemic recovery​

06/01/20: WAPA begins two OATT revision processes​

05/26/20: WAPA publishes FY 2019 Asset Management Almanac​

05/19/20: WAPA's Responsible Workplace Re-entry Plan available​

05/11/20: WAPA employees recognized with Gears of Government awards​

05/07/20: ​Testing sequestration for power system dispatchers and responsible workplace reentry​

05/04/20: New DSW regional manager named​

05/01/20: April 2020 Closed Circuit available​

04/21/20: WAPA and markets Volume I, Issue 4, ​April 2020​

04/15/20: Update on WAPA's COVID-19 response and business initiatives​

04/01/20: Guidance to our Operations personnel​

03/30/20: WAPA and markets Volume I, Issue 3, March 2020​

03/25/20: COVID-19 guidance to Craft employees

03/19/20: 2020 State of WAPA's assets available​

03/17/20: WAPA workforce teleworking to extent possible​

03/13/20: Restricting visitors to WAPA facilities​

03/12/20: WAPA and coronavirus preparedness​

02/26/20: Governance and Policy Biennial Report available​

02/25/20: WAPA and markets Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2020

01/31/20: FY 2019 data added to The Source

01/21/20: ​WAPA and markets Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2020​

11/22/19: WAPA funded through Dec. 20​

11/19/19: WAPA to continue operations Nov. 22​

10/08/19: WAPA returns $281 million to Treasury​

09/30/19: WAPA funded through Nov. 21​​

09/26/19: WAPA to continue operations Oct. 1​

09/03/19: On WAPA and market services​

08/14/19: Materials available for proposed OATT revision webinar​

07/26/19: WAPA to evaluate revising OATT

07/17/19: WAPA seeking an energy imbalance option

07/17/19: ​WAPA to solicit proposals for renewable energy contracts

05/09/19: WAPA balancing authority to join Northwest Power Pool reserve sharing group

04/02/19: Revised tariff filed with FERC

02/26/19: Revised tariff comments and responses posted

02/06/19: WAPA updates The Source with FY 2018 data

12/28/18: Proposed OATT revisions posted online, comment period open through Feb. 1

12/10/18: Senior VP and Rocky Mountain Regional Manager selected

10/30/18: WAPA deferring Mountain West activities

10/10/18: WAPA proposes to remove price cap on reselling transmission capacity​

09/04/18: WAPA selects new reliability coordinators​

07/13/18: Inspector General determines WAPA appropriately managing unobligated balances​

05/22/18: Save the Date: WAPA Technology and Security Symposium​, Aug. 21​

05/14/18: The Source website expanded to include 10 years of financial, operational data​

05/02/18: ​​More at-cost hydropower offered to LAP power customers​

04/19/18: WAPA Chief Administrative Officer to lead organization support functions​

04/06/18: Five years as WAPA's Administrator​

03/​19/18: State of WAPA's Assets - a 2018 outlook into operations

02/26/18: WAPA exploring multiple options for reliability coordinator

02/05/18: New Senior VP selected to manage Congressional, industry relations

02/05/28: WAPA, South line sign participation agreement to develop new transmission line in Southwest

01/22/18: WAPA takes an internal look as markets develop

01/18/18: If there is no CR, WAPA will continue to operate

01/10/18: LAP, SLIP/IP customer update on outreach process for negotiations with SPP

01/08/18: New Senior VP selected to market Colorado River’s federal hydropower​ 

10/18/17: WAPA makes return to Treasury, lowers unobligated balances

10/13/17: CRSP MC office is moving Oct. 23

09/22/17: Mountain West announces next step to potential SPP membership

09/20/17: WAPA to support power restoration in U.S. Virgin Islands

09/01/17: Update: WAPA's Creditworthiness procedures available

06/26/17: Update: WAPA purchase card corrective actions

06/26/17: LAP, SLCA/IP customer update on FRN process for negotiations with SPP​

05/22/17: Banner water year increases hydropower benefit

05/19/17: WAPA providing additional hydropower to customers

05/18/17: WAPA testifies on proposed transparency act​

05/04/17: WAPA announces proposed rate reductions for Pick-Sloan​

05/02/17: ​​WAPA helps tribal customer avoid rate increase

04/24/17: WAPA selects platform for PRS upgrade

04/17/17: Reliability: Studying, coordinating operations 

04/18/17: GAO closes out report on WAPA unobligated balances

03/23/17: MRO issues compliance final audit report on WAPA

03/22/17: The Source turns 1

01/06/17:  Mountain West electricity providers explore RTO options

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2020 State of WAPA’s Assets

  • Letter from the Administrator and CEO
  • State of Operations
  • State of the Regions
  • Summarizing 2019 hydrology conditions

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​In December 2015, Western Area Power Administration launched a Customer Services survey, seeking feedback from CEOs and top leaders from our customers, generating agencies and customer representative organizations. When developing our Strategic Roadmap in 2013 and 2014, we identified the value in learning more about customer needs across WAPA, and if those needs may change as industry evolves. We also wanted to gauge customer satisfaction and evaluate use of the services we currently provide.  

Learn more about the Customer Services survey results. WAPA's leadership councils are reviewing the survey results and identifying any next steps. 

Contact Erin Green at 720-962-7016 with any questions about the survey.​

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